How to find the precise spawn point of an animal?

I want to build close to the Northern Aqueduct. However, there is a horse spawn there, and I don’t want to disable it. How can I find the precise point at which the foals spawn, so that I don’t accidentally build on it? And how far away do I have to stay? Is a distance of 10 blocks enough to ensure that the foals will continue to spawn?
I am aware that I could somehow determine the point by trial and error, but that would take days. I’d rather have a more… technologically advanced method.
By the way, the interactive map at the gamepedia wiki contains precise locations for all sorts of animals, but not for foals.

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I think that, without digging into the game’s code, trial and error may be the only option. Sorry for not being much help.

It’s possible but it’s a tricky process. If you are up for the adventure here it is:

First you need to make 50 black ice foundations, they have to be black ice or else this won’t work. find the spot you suspect to be in the area of the animal spawn. Place the foundations in a giant stack 50 high. Standing on top of the stack look down and jump onto the area you suspect the animal spawn, if the fall doesnt kill you follow method a, if the fall does kill you follow method b

Method a: demolish the foundations one at a time, I know it sounds silly but you can’t just demolish the whole stack or it won’t work. use the resources you got from dismantling the foundations. (Must be the same resources that went into the foundations) craft as many walls as possible from what you have, the tier does not matter as much but must be made using the resources from the destroyed foundations. spilt the stack of walls and drop them one by one at each obelisk. you should end up with the perfect amount of walls to drop one at each obelisk if you did this correctly. Suicide your character and proceed to method b.

Method b: spawning in the desert after dying, begin auto run and don’t let your character stop, this means making sure you dodge obstacles that may stop your character while on auto run, navigate yourself while in auto run back to the spawn point you wish to locate, on the way make sure you grab as many bugs from harvesting bushes as you possibly can, this is very important. Once you reach the area of the suspected spawn point drop one of the bugs from the stack on the ground, next find the highest elevation of the nearby terrai, I.E the nearst hill mountain tree w/e it may be, and make your way to the top of it with the rest of the bugs.

Put your character into the kneeling emote look up at the sky and then scream to the gods for being led on a pointless wild goose chase by some random Hobo. Throw the bugs out of your inventory out of anger and frustration.

In all seriousness I don’t think it is a precise spot but rather an area that they will spawn somewhere within at a randomized coordinate. I could be wrong, the only way to truely find out if I am wrong is a long and tricky process… But I will describe it if you are up for the adventure


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