How to fix your custom UI

@Lewzipher Is that a Corruption UI (assumption base on the gfx paths used) ?
If it is, try installing this version, and tell me if it is broken somewhere :


as stated above it’s the spwearview.xml for corruption you wanted to see at the start of this post.

I Fixed that with Zaldar a few weeks ago now :wink:

Yes, and my Corruption UI looks awesome. If you use this UI, install the version Cappa linked.

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Thank you Cappa! Medical Bear part timing as an IT wizard, who would have thought!? :smile:

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And thank you Zaldar as well! nice work :smile:

Hi , nobody changes **spwearview.xml for Strange UI ?

You should be able to find an updated Stange UI there as well :
fixed the skulls, the options window and updated the equipement windows with working vanity options.


And stonerune ? No one ?

Même endroit :wink:
(same location)

Merci Cappa je regarde ^^

Merci beaucoup :wink: Ca marche ^^.

Wanted to bump this, was a lot of talk about custom ui’s in global last night.

Shout out to Cappa for fixing custom ui’s!

hello I have strange Ui but on map it dose not show treasure boxes , panorama , emotes s o basic nothing. every thing else works can someone help. Thank you

You need to enable Yorgomir’s waypoints by running the aoc.exe in data/gui/aoc/ as admin.


I have done this

kept on admin always

what do you have in data/gui/aoc ?

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I think it gets corrupted. This guy mentioned everything in this guide. Please check. Also, try to use UI from official website only.

ok ty I delete the strange ui downloading a fresh one

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