How to get rid of a mod

Greetings All,
How do I delete a mod ?
I deleted the mod on my Gportal but it still shows up in my mods section below play online.
Thank You

Emm, gportal sounds like you deleted it from your server, while it is still on your client/pc. The mods are under the workshop folder in steamapps.

EDIT: SteamLibrary - steamapps - workshop - content - 440900 - then remove the mod you want to delete, make sure to unsubscribe from it as well.

EDIT2: You can remove it from the mod selection by just moving it to the left section from the middle column as well. Click Refresh, click Back and the game will restart to save the changes. Next time you start the game the mod should not longer be in your selected mods but it will be still on your computer unless you delete it as explained in the first paragraph.


It still shows up.
I deleted from steam,server and as soon as I load game it reinstalls it.
Any Ideas?

Thanks Again,
I had to reinstall server for the mod to be deleted.
Now its running Ok


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