How to get strong pets?

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I tried to make a corrupted spider yesterday by putting 9 Spiders in the taming pen together with deamon blood. Used to be that’d do the trick. Only got out the black widow looking garbage though. Has the process of getting a decent pet changed?

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on Exiled Lands go to midnight grove and gather shadebloom,
on Siptah look for a warewolf groove in redwoods, he carries some shadebloom

then shadespice taming food

So shadebloom is required to get a greater pet now?

Did the pets get a buff in return or were they just made harder to get than a Thrall, even though they are so much weaker than a thrall?

no, it increases your chances as always


How unfortunate…

Well, thanks anyways.

Shadebloom drops frequently in Siptah. Hit camps check everything for loot. You can quickly pile up plenty of Shadebloom for pet foods to increase a chance at greater pets. Make sure you check the wiki for each pet type to know which food to make… and you only need one per baby pet

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Didn’t know there was a wiki page… thanks.

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Oh wow… you are about to have a lot of fun then! lol.

It is very helpful. Also you can learn what food to level with depending on what stats you want to emphasize… for Thralls and pets.

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Just don’t bother with Scorpions, they do very little damage (still).

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