How to get Vehemence Elixir

I read an article about a potion that you can take to reduce heat or cold effects. Where can I get this “Vehemence Elixir”? I heard it might be in Buccaneer Bay but can’t seem to find it.

i have not acquired this item myself, so I don’t have any first hand information for you.

you may find this information from the Conan Exiles Wiki helpful
Vehemence Elixir
Stygian Alchemy

I hope that helps

Thanks, I did not know it was something learned from an NPC. I thought it was a recipe (like a note on the ground) that you learned. From the wiki article: Can be learned from [Shamalla The Pirate Queen] at the Flotsam of Buccaneer Bay.

You will find her at the top of the camp, its a climb up as no path to her, can only climb and be careful of the thralls with her, if you hit them by mistake they are tough.

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