How to keep archers from moving?

I have a problem with archers moving off the walls… Does anyone know how to get archers to stop leaving their post and stay where i placed them? Archers do not seem to be able to shoot over the black ice fence, so i place crenelated wall units on top of the black ice walls, when i did this archers started dying anytime an NPC or wild creature passed near the walls, as the archer jumped off the walls to pursue the person/creature when the were out of archery range. Then after the fight the archer dies on my palisade walls, trying to get back to their original placement.

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Use concentrated walls to pen them in. you can cross it but they and op4 can not.

Place them on pillars or on top of the actual crens themselves… Iv never seen NPCs jump from walls lol maybe they are using stairs somewhere ?

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If you want them on walls, place them on a wedge that sticks out over the wall so they have a clear shot, then put a fence behind them so they can’t run off of it. Alternately, you can do like @TINK suggests and place them on a pillar.

When placed like this, the only way they should be able to get off their perch is if something like a Rotbranch knocks them off. Also, palisades and pets/thralls don’t mix well. In my experience as a PvE player, I’ve found palisades kill my followers far more often than they kill an enemy.

If you want your archers to stay put and hit an enemy 99% of the time

This is the way.

I used those little wooden fences to block them in

Adding to other suggestions already mentioned here, you can use Doors to keep them confined to certain areas (even just a single adjacent foundation or ceiling that sticks out). Thralls don’t open doors and will stay on the closed side of it, but you can easily access them or their inventory by opening the door.

If you’re playing single player, some furniture items like benches, barrels, tables and stools seem to be valid placement locations (ceiling clearance allowing) and I’ve yet to see a Thrall move off of one of these. The added height can give them better clearance over the edge of the floor they’re standing on. For some reason some of these items don’t seem to support Thrall placement in multiplayer though.

You can also use the square Derketo DLC stage pieces, which are basically elevated floors, and provided you don’t connect adjacent stage steps, Thralls will not attempt to leave the stage piece(s).

If you want them to stay put at ground level without necessarily being part of a larger structure, and don’t have the Derketo DLC to stack a single stage on top of a lone square foundation, I think the smallest other thing you can possibly use for this purpose is a Triangle Foundation with 3 Fences around it. If you place all 3 fences first the Thrall may refuse to go inside; you may have to place 2 fences, position the Thrall as best you can, and then add your third wall. A thrall in such a box can reach and stab hostiles that get too close with a Spear.

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