How to legally correct keep theme park builders away without becoming one?

On a pve-c server one of my neighbors builds everywhere and boasts to have 25 vaults filled with costumes for his thralls. I do know he will build around me and further on, as he did with others before. So I built a road to nearest no-build zone and placed pillars around my new base, so he can’t build anything right next to it.

Now a friends of mine were temporary banned on report of a proud owner of shoebox size sandstone house, built last week near their castle. They surrounded their castle with foundations for the same reason I did. They been told it would be OK if they built a walls, not a simple foundations.

So, to keep next half dozen of Taj Mahals away from one’s house, must everyone build their own theme parks or chinese great walls around themselves?

Can I build a 2x2 sandstone house near other’s theme parks and report they are blocking my construction?

My vision of solution - this game needs limit on area occupied by buildings blocks. Without limit it is like a House Flipper with infinite money to those few who enjoy building until map’s edge reached.


I can understand your frustration. Still it doesn’t really matter on pve how big is your construction, unless it causes lags and performance issues. So building more because the other build to much is not a solution. Report, because someone build too much, is not a proper behavior. It is pve, the constructions must be first of all ‘BEAUTIFUL’. No matter how big, beautiful constructions is fixing the environment of the server.
Second, the constructions must NOT destroy various spawn areas and boss spawns.
Third use the less number of guards possible. The greatest reason of lags and performance issues is the 100 animals guarding around the builds. In my server, there is a clan of 5 persons and i cannot count how many pets and followers they have. They even have thralls ‘parked’ next to bosses, destroying your experience of killing a boss.
What i am trying to say is that you will found a lot of things that you don’t like in the servers, but who is judging our selves? Do we really play right? So learn to adjust and to share, follow the rules and let the time to do the work, but most of all, build only what you need and play the game, because building is just a part of this game :wink:.

There is no way to correct them at the moment, for what they do is not against the rules, even if it does affect other players experience to play and their share of fun.

There are some arguments defending the current freedom to build but, as always, this freedom should ends when the other person freedom begins. Sadly this is not the case, there has been many reports arguing against the excesive building and how it affects their experience negatively.

If they make hard cap to limit building that would avoid many things but would come very hard for others that enjoy building and are not depriving others of their fun.
If they introduce an upkeep cost system would be a better solution for this would not stop them from trying to build more, but it would cost them more. There could be free space, enough to build a big base but after certain land claimed the upkeep would beggin for those building pieces outside the “free zone”.

There are many problems related to the building freedom and i think its necesary to change that.

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This is for master builder type of server, regrettably absent in here. No matter how beautiful whatever you build it is inert and useless for all other players. This is cancer of PVE gameplay.

Other way could be making a Purge’s force proportional to a number of blocks or legendaries stashed inside, but it is complex and probably expensive for server side to calculate. I do not hope anything like this will be implemented, so I vote for realistic solution.

This is so naive!!! Do you realize that people have different ideas of beauty? Personally I can’t stand big castles that are" supposedly beautiful" but don’t fit in the landscape. But that’s my opinion and I don’t consider forcing it on people.

Limiting the land claim area is an excellent idea in my opinion. That’s the solution. But again this is an extremely, extremely unpopular opinion.

I think its a good pastime for some people. And doing it on public servers allows them to exhibit their creation. It’s not too bad but i think we all should acknowledge that it needs “some” limits

My vision of a solution: communicate with other people. Discuss the ways you like to play the game and try to agree to a set of rules on your server. Play with other people, not against them. Treat them with respect rather than hostility, and you have a chance to be treated similarly in return.

If other people playing the game bother you, play Single-Player. That’s what I do, and I’m happy.


To be honest, because i play all the options of this game pve to pvp, officials and private, yes, too much building is causing problems to the performance of the game. This is true, but the greatest problem is not the great build, the greatest problem is us, you and me and all the others. If you want to be better and to play in better servers then first we have to give the good example, speak with the teammates we have in our server, help each other and play fair. Stop measuring d… s and play in a normal and healthy competition. I do agree that great clans are cancers in the game, they act like the own the server, but do you know what is the answer to this problem? Leave them alone in this server, to have nobody to fight and hope that they will understand their mistake. Because playing in an empty server, is the greatest punishment. All this time, all i do is farm and offer, believe me even now 2 years after, nothing ever is enough. I give spinas, legendary tools, weapons and armors to new players and still they were not satisfied :man_shrugging:. Still my part was done :wink:.

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I still think that real atmospheric cataclisms that really damages structures should be the answer.
Even in PVE-c the surviving against the wilderness of the Nature should be the first thing (unless you want to really turn Conan into Minecraft).
So tornados, blizzards… you name it. they came , they damage (destroy) buildings and you always have to repair that.
That would make necessary to repair rather than to “add”.
Of course this thing should be regulated in a specific way (low tiers building get destroyed very easily and fast rather than higher tier building pieces).
But… you get what I’m saying.


Well, thanks everyone for sharing their opinions.

It is proven by year of experiments, that negotiation with theme park builders is not effective. They see the meaning of their existance in expanding their theme parks. Surgery and chemistry, if applied on early stages, are more effective.
Theme parks are cancer of PVE and have to be eradicated.

Exactly. Environment is almost passive and static, especially after introductions of rubber leashes to tether mobs to their spawn points. We have only sandstorm, which is danger at first day of character’s life, and Purge, which more a treat, that a threat. Theme parks replace it with inert indestructible “beautiful” decorations like housing for imaginary friends or arabian nights bazaar.

Well, I believe we have to invoke name of @Ignasis if we are to pray for official comment on this problem, aren’t we? To save the time I will repeat initial question - how can we legally correct keep theme park builders away from our doorstep, if placing a pillars and foundations around is frowned upon? Because building useless decorations instead of pillars will be just another one theme park.

For my friends who do not like to visit forums or are in waiting for changes to come this answer will be very interesting.


I am not Funcom. I do have an opinion: if playing on an official server, you cannot control other players who are playing legally. If playing on a private server, the admin should set limit rules and enforce them.

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@Shadoza is right. I’ve played on moderated servers with building restrictions. Some of them even required that the style and materials fit in the environment. That created a much more immersive game. Unfortunately this won’t happen in official.
As much as I hate it, creating a massive castle is the goal of the game for many many players. Because they invest a lot of time farming and building, most players will want their castle to be there for as long as possible, and will refresh their decay timer for a year even if they don’t really play.
Now… Is that wrong? Not really, because Funcom allows it (honestly, such builders are a big part of the player base). They made a sandbox, so people will do what they feel in it. Adding rules will always piss part of the player base off.
I’d love to see a limit on land claim area but i don’t think it will ever happen. How big would be the limit anyways? What I consider too big is already small for most people.
Best you can do is just ignore such builds, not settle on a server which already has them, or even try private server with rules for a different experience (tip: look for them RP servers. Usually full of good people who won’t try to hurt your eyes with their buildings)

The only way (feasible) for those glorious super big builders is to confine their works to a private server or in their own solo game. Keep them away from officials.

So, to make a long story short … there is no way to stop them from ruining your experiences on official servers.
That forces the choice on you. Which way are you going to go? Solo or private.

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Assasin’s Creed Valhalla i will go!!!

There are other options, introducing this problem to the attention of administration is one of those. Private servers or solo are not an option. Beside megalomaniac idiots you can meet decent people on official servers.

“Big castle” is something functional.
“Theme parks” are cancer of ever growing non-functioning in this game buildings like village of dozens of empty houses (for imaginary clanmates I guess), colosseums (where nobody ever fights), dance schools and whorehouses, taverns and spaceship landings to meet their reptiloid masters, and other junk for several render distances in each direction.

If environment was as it is promised by “survival game” tag theme parks would have perished on it’s own.

I must admit that going to private servers has it’s drawbacks.
But, I’m certain there are a few who lend themselves to “purist”, more lore friendly ideals.
I wouldn’t be happy at gazing upon “theme park” builds spread across the map with no space for me to utilize, especially if it isn’t tied into the lore. But to each their own. Personally, I try to keep mine minimalist where possible. Then again, I rent a server and also play solo in both cases without mods and using custom settings. At least that’s enjoyable for me until I become bored.
If I need inspiration, I’ll look into R.E. Howard or watch the movies.
I use to build “big”, but I don’t see much enjoyment in it anymore. Too much wasted space and NPCs that are just a notch above lifeless drones that need a lot of work (scripting wise anyway).

I’ve read what seems to be enough posts of folks expressing their disappointment on officials for various reasons. Theme parks being one of them, but not the most egregious of annoyances.
At least in solo play, you play it your way with your own rules using your preferred settings. The difficulty (if it arises) is avoiding the “admin cheat” option at your disposal.
I can relate with the “need” to be around people, but I have my limits as to how much I’m willing to “cope” with for the sake of comraderie (sp).
I think attempting to persuade FC to take “remedial” actions on a server (including multiple servers) is akin to beating your fist against a stone wall. Good luck with that. I understand your need to vent.
I hope you find what you’re looking for.

No, they aren’t. You might argue that people who build too big and without consideration are “a cancer of PVE”. But “theme parks” aren’t.

What’s your definition of “beautiful”? More importantly, what’s the difference between your own indestructible base and a “theme park”?

Maybe placing useless pillars and foundations around your base is frowned upon and building useless decorations isn’t precisely because Funcom doesn’t share your bias about “theme parks”.

I agree that the game needs some kind of a system that acts as a counterweight for building on official servers, such as an upkeep system. And that’s a point that could be argued without unnecessarily forcing your own aesthetic standards – or your goals in a sandbox game – on everyone else.


Disagree. They’re just the same to me, and I bet if you ask 1000 players to sort bases into “big castle” category and “theme park” category, you’ll get 1000 different answers.
In my opinion, anything that’s big is a cancer for the server, but that’s Funcom fault. They advertised for people to build massive castles from day 1, while having huge issues with rendering too many foundations/pillars/light sources and other placeables.

And when the game finally got better… last update really made my loading time go through the roof. And i have a small base. Go figure :man_facepalming:


Surely you noticed quotes around this word - it is not about me tagging anything as beautiful or otherwise.
My base is functional, prepared to the Purge I want and no part is built for purely aesthetics. If you show me your base I will show you mine in PM, because discussing anyone’s base in details will derail into offtopic

It is theme park builders who force their aestehtic on other players, who have to ride half of biom, to reach regions with mobs and resources spawn.

I wish they mentioned reason WHY would anyone need to build a castle, not a reptiloid’s spaceports for example. Somehow in a survival sandbox in univers of Conan the Barbarian most adapting species are Barbies the Constructors.

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