How to mitigate being raided by folks who don't play fair


I won’t go into details on how the folks who cheat/exploit but what i will do is give some tips on how to beat them still despite their cowardly behaviours. We used this on an official server to combat a clan who was constantly being jerks and cheating and we ended up dominating them as a result - despite them not playing by the rules.

  • Palisades as a barrier to your base. These folks have magical ways to bypass your 50 layers of walling to get into unlocked chests, workstations, fridges etc. Putting up a ring of wooden palaisades around your base also stops them from achieving a successful extraction, as their bodies maybe running normally towards you base but eventually they keep running into these palisades and die over and over. When you see a large pile of bodies in front of a palisade wall, thats a strong indication that someone is up to no good and doing the deed.

  • Build high and put a lot of blocks between you and the mesh. We all know there are creepy dudes hiding inside the mesh at times, the reliance on the natural terrain of conan to protect you is a false positive. Build high is always going to give you better avoidance here but should you build low, putting walls/blocks between you and the mesh is always going to halt them in their tracks.

  • Chests are cheap. Honestly I blame games like RUST for teaching us the habit that we are somehow more safer by having a really tight base filled with lots of wall stacking / doors to loot as if we had a tool cupboard to pay tax on each day. Spread out, put lots of layers between each “area” of your base. The more chests you put down the more work the raiders etc have to put in to blow them. Don’t put chests compacted in the one area, as with gas + explosive arrows the AOE gives you a lot of free dmg instead of single damage per chest…

  • Choke point battles. Folks who suddenly can out run a horse on foot have on issue, is they suck at also controlling their pathways as well. We’ve found by baiting them into a fight and locking them into a confined space, you in turn can killl even when they are faster than they should be. We event went to the level of walling off a jungle ob to catch them when they decide to ob camp, as once they were locked in they had no escape and it was just a case of shoot and kill (always put gates on the ob if you wall it in and make a rule with your clan to not kill people in that space unless they are the evil doers…and keep gates open when not executing the trap).

  • Don’t rely on ruins. I’ve seen basis use the natural ruins of the landscape as a cocoon to their base, assuming you cannot blow the walls and ergo spend less insulating your self against that part of the base. The fact is, those ruins can also act as climbable entry points into your base, in that assume for a moment that your base walls haven’t loaded and you have chests up high inside the roof of the said ruins… what they do is they climb up the walls, then roof and wait…eventually the walls etc start to trickle in slowly and then they drop down and start doing their deeds. Unfortunately the as per design methodology would work but given these jerks do their deeds, its sadly not applicable until the devs patch this.

  • Horses and Pvp. We’ve found great deal of success by having at least one member on horse while we fight, that one member can knock down a “fast” runner more efficiently than we can on foot, as once they are knocked down you just chomp away at them. Don’t underestimate the tipping point a person with a lance and horse can provide in battle… especially if the other guys are relying on their “fast” movements as being the secret weapon… as they may run as fast as horse, but they still wont outrun a horse.

  • Set Potions. We had one clan who we fought constantly being able to reset their poison on said weapons, in that they are either masterfully quick to reset pots on weapons or there was something more technical going on. Never get into a fight with these folks without the Set Potion stacked in your inventory, as you are going to be constantly spamming that button until you wear them down. We’ve also found certain weapons that wipe their buffs etc also at least stops them int their tracks in pvp as they also rely on them too much too.

  • Spam your outer region. Its not just a tactic to stop builders near you base, but it also stops people from also creeping under the ground to your base. They still need to build some oddball sandstone buildings in order to creep under, so the closer they are to you the more vulnerable you are to them. Creating a lot of “Thou shalt not build near me” also protects from the under meshers abilities at times to get close enough to creep under.

  • Spears in the ground. We’ve also found a funny counter to under-meshes, turns you can spear through the wall to hit them. We killed a couple once as they were too close to the “wall” and we were able to hit them… give it a try if you suddenly have ghosts in your walls.

  • Rapid Login/Logouts. A lot of these jerks who can suddenly walk through walls, also have a constant problem… they login/logout constantly …if you use battlemetrics etc you can spot their time played and either a player has a very bad internet connection, desire to trigger the purge meter or simply put keeps dying on your palisade walls…well thats a stronger indication they are up to no good. If you spot this, start packing up your thralls etc and put them in some vaults - as Locked Chests and Vaults are realistically the only way to mitigate these sneak thieves.

  • God bubbles. If you see a clan that has a sudden stockpile of god bubbles… again strong indication they are the ones up to no good.


Thanks for these tips… I am a relatively new player and just experienced my first raid by hackers on an official server. It sucks. I was really enjoying the game. Didnt realize it has such serious exploits. Not sure what to do now… quit or try a private server?

You know we need TC claiming and upkeep costs in conan exiles, right? :smiley:
To stop this nonsensical foundation spamming in all game modes and decay timer malfunctions.
But they are good tips.

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