How to place the weather flag

a weather flag belongs on a roof. Can’t put it there. in a previous game version you could do that.

Weather flag??? Are you using mods on private if so find/contact admin/mod author to see if there is a issue if official uh I have all content for the game but never seen any thing called weather flag

I think they mean the weather vane.

The building piece you can acquire via the esoteric library.

Its great an’ all but it won’t actually go on any of the roof pieces , which in a way kinda defeats its purpose.

Shame though, it would make a nice touch.


…thats wahat i mean.


Same as for banners on a pole, they’re not able to place on a roof which is odd

(the hanging banners from DLC are as hard as brick, they should have physics and be able to be placed above doors and gates if you ask me)


Herstellungswarteschlange… That’s why I loved learning German!

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…that helps…

(Dotdotdot) Who said it was for helping? It is posted in the general discussions, don’t be surprised if not anybody who replies here will solve the problem. It is on the devs’ that they will fix this or not.
If it’s a bug, create a bug report.


Ok yeah that’s a no as stated

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