Weather: Blocks covered by a roof or another block should remain dry


Whenever it starts to rain, the blocks that are placed inside a building should remain dry. You could argue that maybe the first block within a wall could be wet from damp, but for simplicity should be dry.

i.e. If Foundation is covered over Y Axis by = Display dry Foundation

Raining inside House

Totally agree, and this is something that has been complained about since the north was released in early access.


I would be happy if I even got any weather in PC SP. Since patch 32 or 33 weather is broken in Single Player servers.


lol. You say that now. but after your 1000’s thunderstorm… its gets quite depressing lol. sunny Highlands all the way XD


I remember those endless thunderstorms, really I miss them badly.


I want my weather back again…PC SP PVP…


With you one hundred percent on this