How to play, multiple bases or not?

Brand new to the game. Unlike my favorite survival game (Valheim), areas in Conan don’t clear. The same monsters show up repeatedly, as do the same resources. So every time I leave my base, I have to fight through the same foes, and I quickly become overburdened with resources, making it difficult to explore. So I’m asking how do you experienced players explore? Do you set up numerous bases, so that you can respawn closer to where you are exploring? Do you carry lots of repair materials (like iron) to fix equipment as time goes on? I’m just having a hard time getting out of the same location and am looking for advice. Thanks.

Try to learn sorcery as fast as you can. When you have transportary stone you can build one main base with all the crafting benches and some small outposts next to resources, thrall camps and POI. Earlier on I used to build just a small house with a campfire, a storage box with ice and food and placed a bedroll inside to respawn not too far away if something kills me.

You do not have to loot everything you know. It amazes me how people horde in this game. Chests upon chests full of mats and loot they will NEVER use, JSMH.

Also use the repair kits, they are lighter than carrying the base raw mats around. Use the Tinkerers bench.


The question of multiple bases or not depends on whether you play on official servers, private servers or Single-Player. Official servers strongly discourage littering the map with bases because they increase server load and block building spot from other players. Private servers may have their own rules, as set by the server owner.

Single-Player, I build small outposts at strategic locations so I can drop my loot in a chest while exploring. One extremely useful skill to learn is knowing which materials you should loot, and which you should drop. Basically, anything you can harvest quickly on your own is something that is pointless to carry around while exploring.

I tend to carry multiple weapons at all times so I can select the best weapon against any given enemy, and also save on durability. I usually repair my weapons at my base where I have the materials, carrying only a repair kit or two for emergencies.

Early on, when your weapons are still relatively low-tier, you can often loot repair materials from fallen enemies, so you can use those to fix your weapons while on the move. Later-tier weapons need special materials, or cannot be repaired except with a Legendary repair kit.

When exploring, consider wearing light armor that increases your carry weight. This way you can carry more loot.

I’ll usually have a single base of operations. Its where all my crafting tables and storage go. Usually the storage goes kinda close to the crafting area to reduce time and effort.

In many cases I can use my crafting stations as storage. Such as the Armorer’s Benches. They only need a single stack of hide, leather, thick leather, twine, etc. To do what they do.

Benches like Furnaces and Carpentry do need to be cleaned out since they are constantly refining. Eventually they’ll get clogged if I don’t.

As for what I personally carry depends on what I am doing and what type of server I am on. But usually in a Singleplayer or PVE environment I merely carry what I need. The armor I wear is worn, the weapons are in the hotbar. And I usually only carry the tools I need at a particular time.

If I’m going out for an extended resource harvesting run I might carry a weapon repair kit or two. And I will do this for my normal weapons if I’m boss hunting

All this allows me to carry pertinent loot depending on the focus. If I am harvesting resources, I will use a bearer thrall to help carry more stuff and try to avoid harder content under normal circumstances. And I also use my mount for extra storage as well.

But when boss farming, I usually only pick up alchemical base, hardened steel, elixirs, higher end kits, and the Legendary/High end loot they normally drop. When I start getting full, then I go back to my base.

Early on, you may find yourself picking up iron bars, and maybe shaped wood. But you’ll find yourself quickly just refining those things yourself. Steel and thick leather are good candidates of keeping. But stone, seeds, non-lotus plants, fiber, and other random stuff you’ll quickly be tossing out for more important stuff.

Eventually you’ll learn what you need and when you need it, and use discipline (or try, some can’t get out of being packrats) to only take what you’re looking for.

Outside of unique named weapons (after a certain point you might even leave behind your 7th and 8th set of Akbitan Knives), there’s not much in the game you will feel sorry for leaving or dropping as you can gather and craft most stuff on the fly.

If pve, learn to fight with not lots of strength on…
Get a good harvester build, and learn to monitor stamina so u wont deplete it…

Only difference between full strength and 1st strength perk is the time u need to kill something…

And remember, u r the bearer… if u use a thrall, take a fighter with u. Its more effective than carrying a bearer thrall (u have 200 slots on u whilst the best bearer has 30…)… Also get enough healing potions with u.

Thanks everybody for the responses. I’m playing single player. Just trying to figure out the basic mechanics of how to explore. Seems like I will keep my main base, set up a few satellites, and then concentrate on learning sorcery to learn teleportation. Not sure how to do that, but will look into it. I’ve got my character up to level 30 by just harvesting and fighting local monsters around noob river. Haven’t gotten any Thralls yet. That’s probably my next step.

Enjoy being a newbie. There’s no need to rush towards the endgame as long as you’re having fun. You’ll be an experienced player for the rest of your life, but you’ll be a new player only once. So even though it’s absolutely okay to ask for advice from veteran players, don’t forget to get your own experience in the game too.

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The people above have already given you a lot of good advice on how to play. In general, as you level up and can face more dangerous challenges, having small bases in the main biomes that can be reached by teleporters, helps, and a main base, where you will have to build at least one large structure (say approximately 7 x 15) where I recommend you gather all the benches to craft, also because the tier 3 benches are HUGE, and if you don’t unify them, then you have to go back and forth for hours in the base to craft. In the same facility, provide a warehouse, with dedicated containers for the various types of materials, basically you have to have (or at least, the concept works well for me) a small industry to turn all the raw materials into what you need. So finding a place to call home, big appropriately for the future, plays an important role. Try to capture Thrall artisans, T4, to unlock things not attainable before. Capturing slaves is frankly one of the most fun things in the game, in my SP I have over 100 of them, scattered in different bases, I take them around to train them. The question you have to ask yourself, is “what do I like to do?” because following Conan’s main quest (not that there are many others, by the way) leads you to finishing the game, getting out of the moors of exile, and starting over. When you start to be 3-400 hours into the game, the limitations of the base game become very clear, and that’s when you’ll consider the Mods, which really are a great enhancement to the base game and add value (and also problems, considering Funcom’s frequent patches). Again after a few hundred hours of play, you’ll better understand what you like to do, whether building, just raiding and fighting. Then whatever, there are the battlepass dynamics if you decide to buy it, which will lead you to boredom and tedium very soon, as well as filling your chests with tons of useless stuff. When you become a pro, or have at least 1K hours of play anyway, then you can tell very well whether there is anything left that we like to do in Conan or not.

Oh, yeah. Those obelisks in the Exiled Lands. They’re very useful for traveling around. Unlocking the map room (teleporter system) and building it require some effort, but once you get ambitious enough to start wandering all around the map, you’ll save a lot of time. Building a network of map rooms becomes one of my top priorities once my character is strong enough to handle the challenges involved (including infiltrating the Unnamed City, and beating up bosses that can be harvested for demon blood).

20 points in Expertise.
Then you can carry an entire planet on your back.

Multiple bases or not. That is the question.

After I managed to litter my maps countless times with so many damned wasted, huge, empty spaces …
and out of boredom subsequently either restarted a new game or just copied my character between maps…
I found myself asking myself this very question.
It’s easier to live and manage my own little space if I keep it simple and small … especially when I’m at max level.
Less possessions means less theft of my “hard” work because I sure as hell don’t like the idea of working my ass off just for someone else to come along and steal it all.

Define a base please. My standard strategy in EL-PVP is the following

1 crafting base where i put most bigger tables
1 storage base hidden and very difficult to get to
3 map rooms that are strategically placed so that I’m not just running for over 10 minutes at a time.
2-3 WoP depending on server activity
1 sacrifice building (could be merged with one of the WoP buildings)

All total, 1k-1.5k building pieces and about 2-300 placeables. Largest foot print are the maprooms.

We has a very sizable base in the Highlands, and a smaller yet very functional base on Noob River. We also have a functioning “mall” (with shops :grin:) on the aqua ducts, but I dunno if I’d consider that a base, altho we do spend the night there from time to time.

As for exploring, it depends on my goals for the day. If I plan on battlin’ and jumping into the mix of the fight, I go warrior build and take a mount incase I need some carrying done. If I plan to go gathering mats or thrall hunting, I’ll take my best fighter thrall, maybe a mount, and re-start to a build that allows full movement with over-encumbrance.

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