How to properly connect to dedicated server on your own machine

I got the dedicated server app up and running and it does appear in the server list in the browser. However, when I try to connect to my own, it always times out, unless I use a direct connect to I know this borrowed some stuff from ark, and I haven’t had any problem connecting to ark servers that I run like this. Is there anything else I need to do or will this just not work? The ports are testing open (they were already opened for Ark, and ark isn’t running)

It sounds like you’re playing on the same machine that you’re using to host the server. Because the client uses the same port as the server (by default) you will want to select the Multihome option and change the default ports on the server to something else. Client and server can’t share ports.

@Toolguy might be able to help you if you are still having trouble after changing the default ports. Ask for assistance in his thread:

Yes it is on the same machine, strange that it works fine on Ark, but not Conan. I can try changing the ports. Will it cause any issues for friends I have joining? I don’t mind connecting to 127 if others can still connect.

Your client and server cannot share a port. Your friends can connect as long as you are not playing, but as soon as you are playing then you and your server are fighting over the port. Change the server to a alternate set of ports and you shouldn’t have anymore connection issues. Obviously you will need to forward the alternate ports to the servers IP and open up the firewall. If you continue to have issues, post your difficulties in that thread I linked above.

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