How to raid the Cave/crevice in the frozen north? Calling all the hardcore raiders

Title. There is a Cave in the north, at the border to the snow, with 3 entrances. They can easily have 20 Doors plus to each side i think? Can set go into the Cave? I know i Can make 500 jars and do it, but that seems silly. Not even sure if Orbs can manage to do it within the raid timer.

Did anybody ever raid this spot? Seems really OP. Enligthen me hardcore raiders

As someone who’s designed 2 bases in the Crevice, it is a formidable task to raid. Last time I was offline raided, there was corpses everywhere from the attackers and they had spent 3 hours trying to get in and only destroyed a single wall (not even meant for defense) a crenelation, and merely damaged the gates for about 1000 hp (out of 200,000).

Its not impossible, its daunting, but not impossible. I’d imagine Set could do a number on the gates in front, but if the main loot is honeycombed inside, you may need to summon a few set snakes.

The issue with the Crevice is its a double edged sword. While being nearly impregnable to attack. It is a poor choice for anyone who wishes to attack from it. Map rooms cannot fit inside. This requires defenders to sally out from one of the three entrances. If you can’t get in, you can definitely KEEP the defenders from coming out.

The trick here is you’d need to lay a seige. Get multiple clan members to constantly harass it and maybe even more then one clan. Because lets be honest, letting someone get established in the Crevice is the RL version of allowing a country to have nukes. You need to band up and take them down. As they can be a serious threat to the entire server base if not dealt with due to being resistant to retaliation.

I too have had bases build in this location, depending on the clan/persons build it is extremely difficult to raid even with avatars. smart people will block off all 3 entrances with multiple layered walls, most of my builds I was able to build 7 - 10 layers of walls at each entrance before you even get into the base. Even with “SET” you are unable to get inside the actual crevice from the biggest entrance. With that being said, we predicted that it would take at least 100+ jars to blast in one side and thats at T3… also being generous…Like Taemien said its not impossible just daunting and time consuming lol

It’s usually easiest to enter either from highest entrance, or the smallest entrance from the west by the ruins. These two are more than likely the least fortified. With orbs, you could get through 20 doors in about an hour or much less, depending on circumstances.

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