How to unlock the camera from second person?

So first, I play on PC, and what I mean by “second person”, is that the camera is locked over my characters right shoulder. I play with mouse and key board because when i play with a controller the character only attacks whichever way they are facing, not the way my camera is facing, but when I play with mouse and keyboard the character ONLY faces the way the camera is facing, meaning i can’t sprint to the left or right, only strafe.

I’ve noticed that when I start playing with a controller and switch to a keyboard I can get the best of both. I can sprint to the left and right, and the character will always turn to attack what ever the camera is centered on when I hit mouse one. Some actions (like using a shield lock the camera back into the over the shoulder view.

Is all of this intentional or is there a setting I can change (or a mod i can use) so that I can get that third mode I described when I first switch to a keyboard? Sure I’m probably going to run off a cliff sprinting to the side of my screen and not looking where i’m going, but I’d like to see more of my character besides just their back lol.

And yes, i know what the Vanity Camera is (V button) and i don’t think it’s related to any of this.

I’m not entirely sure if I got you right. Do you use mouse wheel to zoom out, too? You can zoom into first person and as far as possible out with mouse wheel up and down. If you hit “Q” you can target someone while moving independently.

I don’t use controller but maybe controller mode in gameplay settings can help you?

so the zoom isn’t what i’m talking about.
You know how when you’re blocking with a shield the camera locks behind your character and hitting A or D makes your character side step while facing forward instead of turning and walking to the left or right? that’s how my camera is all the time no mater what i’m doing.

Hm, but isn’t that normal? You evade and move with keyboard and turn with your mouse.

At least I don’t know an independent view mode from running. Only the spectator thing you mentioned.

At the moment there are bugs with how a character faces and where it default turns back to after an action … see if your problem is fixed for mouse/keyboard by pressing p twice (brings you into then out of the first person view).

which one is the bug? having the camera locked behind the character (like when using a shield) or the character moving independent of the camera? and double tapping P doesn’t change anything when i switch back to 3rd person.

I think I’m talking about a different issue than you then. There is a known bug introduced by the hotfix that your character returns to a set position - facing to the right - after interacting with objects or moving which is fixed by pressing p twice.

yeah, definitely sounds different :confused:

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