PC - Question - Change camera angles and running direction at the same time

I have figured out how to jog and run in 3rd person. I have figured out how to pan the camera around (V). How can I change directions while running when the character is running towards me in 3rd person. Every time I try it, I can only run in a single direction and cannot make course changes in direction. I am currently using only the keyboard, but looking into a game controller to use.

Before yesterday’s patch, the camera could be rotated in third person independently; now it is stuck behind the character like it has been auto-targeted. Also, the character never perma-strafed before; not sure why no one is complaining about this.

I have found exactly the same thing after the patch on July 7. The 3rd person camera no longer allows you to orbit your character with the right-stick (controller being used in this case). Prior to the patch, you could move in any direction and rotate the camera at the same time. THIS CONTROL SCHEME MUST BE RESTORED. Not only is it necessary to view the character properly (without requiring the “vanity camera” to be used) but it allows better view of the area while moving/fighting as you can move in a direction whilst looking in another.

Please restore the camera controls to the method used prior to this last patch!

I’m complaining about it!

After hooking up an Xbox controller, it pans as it should around the character and the movement works as it should.

I have not tried just using the keyboard recently since I switched to using a controller to play on the PC.

If it ever worked this way with mouse and keyboard, I never figured out how since start of EA. As far as I know it has never been possible to rotate camera and move freely simultaneously.

The option you are looking for to run and pan the camera while still running in the same direction before you started panning the camera is in: Settings > Gameplay > Controller Style Movement = On

Vger out!


Thanks. I will give that a try later today.

That was the solution! Thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile:

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