How will the new attribute system effect current tralls and pets?

So I been seeing the news and there is 1 question that has been on my mind regarding the new attribute system? I searched around and can’t find an answer, so I thought I would ask here.

Been playing the game for about a couple weeks now, I am enjoying it a lot and my base has all different type of pets and thralls. some archers, some fighters, a decent amount of greater animals, etc. What will happen to them with this new attribute system? Will they be reset to level 1, will their current stats be converted to the new system? All of them are level 10+, a handful of them are even max level.


I don’t think it will have any affects on thrall attributes so far. Maybe it is getting a revamp in the future too but for now it will stay the same since the thrall attributes never been 199% comparable to player attributes.

Ya but they are removing some stats and changing them like survival, accuracy, encumbrance, etc. Like for my archers, some have crazy high accuracy but low agility cause that is how they leveled up. When 3.0 hit, will accuracy be taken away and then I am stuck with archers with low agility meaning low AF archery skills? That is honestly my main concern is how my archers will be effected.

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As I said I’m pretty sure it stays the way it is for now since thrall attributes have nothing to do with your attributes. Survival for thralls is also different than it has been for players for example.

I’m pretty sure thralls will be updated despite what @therryy said – but I’m guessing. Nothing in the Dev Stream confirmed this or denied it. But here’s why I think thralls will be changed:

  • Followers and thralls will be updated (health and damage nerfed by as much as 50%)
  • There will be a “down but not out” system for thralls added
  • Attributes on armor and weapons are being changed to the new system

So they seem to be aware that the Attribute changes will impact other systems in the game AND that thralls are getting updated as well. So putting two and two together sounds like thralls will be updated to the new Attributes. To be fair though, that was not confirmed in the Dev Stream.


I mean yeah they are being updated in terms of health and damage but they never mentioned anything about thrall attributes being changed despite talking about the topic for a while. Could be happening anyways but since those two are two separate systems with different influence it doesn’t have to be change necessarily. Also the pick up system won’t be coming with this patch and they are working on improving thralls for future patches so IF they change the attributes it’s gonna be with an update after 3.0 I assume

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My speculation is that the first npcs we will sacrifice will be our old ones :wink:.

@OkamiNexos welcome to the community, the history has given us that the most expendable in every huge update are our old thralls and pets. In a “recent” update of Siptah official release, I couldn’t even use the baby rhinos or horses I had on my preservation box, I had to go and farm new.
I know that you feel for the time that it doesn’t worth to play the game, but I will inform you that it does. It’s been years… Thousands of followers, millions of building pieces and items…
All these is just gaming time, nothing else. Fun!
I know the feeling right now, maybe you are even “attached” with your thralls but what is telling you for sure right now that you will play this game for the next 3 months until the update “might” arrive, it’s just a promise of a “goal” we have, not a deadline. Nobody knows for sure exactly when and nobody can tell. So I will advice you to keep on playing your game and achieve the most knowledge you can. 2 weeks is a really sort time, extremely sort actually for the content of just one map, I play years and I am still learning new things, go figure :man_shrugging:. Relax, play, enjoy and leave “tomorrow” for tomorrow :wink:. Have fun m8, Welcome to the forum and feel free to ask anything that bothers you for the game as it is now, trust me, it has a lot.


Welcome to this fantastic universe, @OkamiNexos !
That’s a very good question whose answer I’m also dying to know.

Still, it really needs to happen, if not now, soon, especially perk wise, so let’s hope they don’t sleep on it.

Expect them to stay the same in effect. Since the toon doesn’t have complicated attribute assignments, its definition is surely hard coded.

Thanks for the welcome, a friend of mine got me hooked in the game so I been playing it non stop. Killed a couple bosses and got a decent base going. I am going to keep leveling up my thralls and if they end up being useless after the update, ill keep them for memory. Will be slightly annoying since I grinded them all to level 10+ but it isn’t the end of the world honestly. Just got to go knock out more thralls in the purge at that point. Even if they just get reset back to level 1, I would be alright with that as they weren’t to hard to level up that much. My highest thralls is Fann Deg and my greater komodos and shalebacks.

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Thanks for the welcome also! I hope thralls get changes with the player honestly. I am also hoping they dont take the lazy way and all current thralls stats are just wiped or such. They take a little time to make it so the current stats get transferred to the new system if anything. That or possibly reset them back to level 1. I would prefer that over them becoming useless and building dust.


Yeah, that would suck. I have some very good thralls…

The pleasure is mine fellow exile. One hint, if you may. Blunded fitting does the truncheon more effective. So if you have iron or steel truncheon place this upgrade. Take your strongest thrall and a horse to visit the unnamed city. You will find npcs inside there called relic hunters. The mini boss is a hero, try to avoid or kill, but in your level it’s better to avoid. So try to lure a fighter of these relic hunters and knock him/her down with your best thrall.
Having a relic hunter for thrall your gaming will immediately go to another level, cheers :wink:.

Or get them from the wine cellar dungeon, really carefully.
Take your best thrall, but arm him the best you can. Let him kill the drunk. The drunk at the start will one shot you. If you are skilled, leave your thrall out of Sepermeru near the entrance that leads to the bar where you find Conan. Go naked with daggers and kill the drunk. With some luck you may loot his truncheon, the best on EL. If you die, you lose nothing and respawn at the entrance for take two. Bleed will kill him. Try to lure him a little away from the door that leads to the other room where there are two relic hunter treasure seekers, usually archers. Once you kill the drunk, go get your thrall. If your thrall is strong enough, just take him with you and let him kill the drunk, as I said. Heal him with cheap bandages or potions if you are in the beginning. Then you will kill the others in the next room. Set the thrall to attack nothing, just in case one is a fighter (your future thrall). I never got a fighter there. Just two archers, that are also very strong, but you may try your luck a little ahead to get a fighter. Now, with your thrall set to attack nothing, send him to kill the first archer. They will both attack your thrall and he WON’T kill the second one unless you order him to. If one of the RHTS is a fighter, you will do the knocking out to capture him. Your thrall will do nothing. Maybe he laughs inside each time you get hit, who knows? :smile: If both are archers, let the thrall kill them and help if needed. Healing session afterwards. Then comes the tricky part. You will aggro 3 RHTS when you pass the middle of the ramp you find once you progress any further. Usually one of these guys have fire orbs. Carefullwith them. DON’T fight in the ramp. Lure them up. Otherwise you may aggro a RHTS boss bellow it and they will all come at you. That means death unless you are lvled enough and have a good armor. So lure them. Pick your target. Don’t attack. Evade/ block them while you send your thrall to kill the others. One is an archer and will likely shoot from affar, so don’t worry too much about him, although he may cripple you. Evasion becomes harder, but possible still. Keep an eye on your stamina bar. Once you dispatch those you don’t want or get far enough from the archer, know out your prey. Leave with one of the best thralls in the game.

Now, you can try your luck and instead of picking your target here, you may kill these three and, keeping as much as possible to the left, lure a single fighter bellow without aggroing the boss and his goons. It can be done. If you aggroed the boss, run back, leave the dungeon and go in again. If you didn’t, lure him up. Let your thrall knock him out. Done.
There are easy t4 fighters that you can capture before doing this. Sully, from Sully’s ambush spot is one of these. Level him and you’ll do what I described easily. His spot is above one of the entrances for the Executioner’s dungeon. Search for it online. It’s an easy t4. If you take him to the jungle, it won’t take much until you lvl him to the max just killing grey apes (and gorillas). Level him in the ruins there. These apes are very easy to kill, give a lot of xp and are as dumb as a rock, so you will do fine.
Try to farm a legendary fast. Best bet are stone daggers against a spider world boss. They are very predictable. So, on your way to the jungle, kill one. Take either two pairs of daggers and stone to repair them alternatively, ir take four pairs. That’s what it will take. Make the spider bleed, always keeping at her side and avoiding her special attack. That’s it. The bleeding will kill her. Learn the location if the chest there. Get a legendary every half hour. It will make your life much easier. Then go either for the RHTS or a single berserker that spawns on the mound of the dead. The berserker is harder and if you aren’t high vitality, be very carefull as even with a shield he may obe shot you with the break shield move. Don’t trust your shield when he raises his star metal sword above his head. He will kill you unless you have high vitality. With a lvl 20 Sully, you can easily capture him IF you remember this detail. The second he raises his sword for the downward movement, you immediately roll out. If you are target locked, immediately unlock and gain space. Help your thrall with the shield in all his other moves and you’ll get a berserker early game. Learn his location. So, both situations require skill early game but not too much. Take a Sully first. Sully is easy to capture solo, but if you find it too much, just take a fighter II with you. Any low level thrall, if lvled a bit will do.
So, you have options. Unnamed City, like @stelagel suggested, Wine Cellar or Mounds of the Dead. Once you get one of these thralls, the game becomes much, much easier.

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Ill keep that in mind, thanks for the help with that!

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Ill 100% do this! I been slowly building my way up currently. I had the rocknose ourge hit me recenrly and rockslide killed all my thralla so I am back at square 1 with them. I didnt even knownthere was w ine cellar dungeon ao I will have to look that up and find out where honestly. Appreciate the help.

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It’s on the back of the bar where you find Conan, @OkamiNexos . A little door close to the waterfront. It’s a fantastic dungeon, but it’s a bit hard at first. Study the last boss, Thag. He is very dangerous.
A piece of advice. Try it first on Single Player in god mode, so that you know the space and the locations of the enemies. It will be easier.
But if you want to feel the adventure, do it straight. If you die, you just respawn near the door, inside the dungeon. A little run and you get your gear back. Run outside, heal, take a breath, and try again.
When you become familiarized with the dungeon, you will want to farm Thag. For that purpose, you don’t need to do the whole dungeon that many times, unless you are farming the special kind of khari steel you’ll only find in there. Once you’re good with the amount you got, just run until the entrance to the place where Thag is. Your thrall will teleport there shortly after. Kill the 3 skeletons, kill the 3 snakeman skeletons (I think this is their designation) and go take Thag. By then you know all his tricks and the fight will go smoothly.

PS don’t forget to take the Khari waterskin you loot from the undead kappa boss you’ll find inside that dungeon. It’s very worthy.

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Awesome, ill start doing this then. Will be very helpful to say the least.

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