In 3.0 with the new attributes does that mean thralls and pets will no longer have an accuracy attribute stealing points?

So with 3.0 coming soon with new attributes and thrall changes and there no longer being an accuracy attribute i was thinking this also means we no longer have to worry about thralls and pets dumping massive amounts of points into accuracy instead of other attributes, for me this is a huge plus if so and i know lots of others will be pretty happy to no longer have fighter thralls and pets with accuracy stealing points :+1::+1::+1:

Here’s to hoping


Player attributes and thrall attributes are completely different. Actually, most don’t even follow the same rules, they simply share the same names. With that said, I would LOVE to see Accuracy go away on thralls as well. :+1:


My frost giant who’s gaining mass amount of accuracy right now also agrees :joy:


They should just merge strength and accuracy TBH, and then add something else that gives them a little armour pen instead.

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Ya merging the two could work as well, i posted about a year ago about how they should give us a potion we can feed pets and thralls that totally disables a certain attribute from taking any points, I’d have a fridge full of those to negate accuracy if they let us have those, speaking of which my frost giant just dropped the bloody archer perk, instant bond break right there :man_facepalming:

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I’m not sure why it needs to change. “accuracy attributes stealing points” is part of the RND or aka, luck of the draw. Is there some reason you need all the points to be meaningful or in your favor? As it is some points give have a positive impact, some negative, and some no impact at all. Why change it?

Accuracy points for thralls have always been a major issue for thrall leveling, especially the perks, when lions and tigers and bears…oh my👍 drop massive accuracy points it becomes obvious the system is flawed, I’ve seen tons of posts (and made) from when the system first came out asking for some form of balance to accuracy overriding most other attributes and perks on fighters and pets no matter if it was a low percent chance compared to the rest, i wouldn’t even call accuracy being a part of the point RNG system with how often it takes over the points lol

but like the main point of my post says it seems like accuracy is being ditched totally in 3.0 which makes me pretty happy :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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A fine example is stuff like this constantly happening on most fighters and pet more often then not, i mean i wish The frost giant could throw a black ice axe or something…lol

I think that’s true ONLY if you make it one. If however, you choose to accept that it’s part of the system then that’s what it is. I’ve always looked at it as being part of the system - another variable in the pot from which we draw our cards of chance.

Also if a fighter gets high accuracy just give him a bow. And we don’t really need to make special case loads of work for funcom so that everything looks tidy for every critter or Frost Giant. :stuck_out_tongue: Although that would be ideal - after they finish fixing the 1005 bugs that actually matter maybe they could address this cosmetic attribute listing thing?

And also a question: Don’t accuracy points on animals make them more accurate? I have some big cats that hit only about 50% of the time yet others with different attributes which seem to hit more like 75% of the time - am I dreaming? And if so then isn’t that the bug… that they don’t apply to the hit:miss ratio for animals?

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Honestly, if accuracy provided some bonus to melee like armour pen for example, and strength provided some bonus to ranged like velocity, neither perk could be considered truely wasted. Getting either would still be a benefit.

Also, I dont think its common knowledge, but accuracy (and all other attributes as well) dont “steal” points. They all roll separately based on their percentages, twice.

80% Strength would roll once at 80% growth, than a 2nd time at 40%.

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Accuracy will mainly be taken over by Agility in the upcoming update, I believe - much like Encumbrance will be split between Strength and the new Expertise.

Most thrall attributes don’t currently play by the same rules as player attributes, they simply share the same name. Accuracy makes a player’s ranged attacks more accurate while on a thrall it adds damage to the thrall’s ranged attack. If a pet doesn’t have a ranged attack, then it is a pretty useless attribute for them.

I truly hope this is is case but since player attributes and thrall attributes are two totally different systems, this may not change for thralls/pets in 3.0. There has been no mention of a rework of the thrall’s attribute system (that I’m aware of), only a nerf to their damage and health. While it is a bummer to see your thrall or pet get bad perks, I agree with @TeleTesselator that it is just part of the RNG and feel that people make a bigger deal out of it than necessary. Just like people, thralls should have a chance to be flawed or their good qualities won’t be nearly as appreciated. With all that said, I think they should rework the thrall attributes and perks, if not in 3.0, then sometime in the near future. If and when that happens, I hope they also keep an element of RNG because I don’t want an army of cloned thralls with perfect stats.

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to the OP. That would be cool and make tons of sense.

I’m still working more on pets because if the nerfing is as large as Andy and Den made it seem, pets are back on the table as valued assets especially the higher grade ones.


How u to have a Frost giant ?

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Between Siptah and Exiled Lands:


The most fun is had by exploring those in order to discover it. My only hint: One is a puzzle and four are random drops.

Have not done it in along time but in New Asgard Ymir,s daughter has a horn on her once you kill her the Horn is the Frost giant if I remember put on your wheel and place like a thrall. She is at the Altar area. @Krakoziam

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