How would u guys Name the fresh Server?

We know that the 2019 fresh Server will come but how we name it?


My opinion will be: the new world

Whats urs?

“2019” seems to be its official name. My real question is what to call the old server. “Classic” is a word I used, but that is confusing since you could call just having RK, as 2019 does, “classic”. “2001” I’d be OK with, but RK2 people take umbrage.

mh rly ? In the livestream on twitch Id understand the community will decide the name … mhmmmm…

I think it might start off with 2019 then change as time goes on? Sort of like giving a place “new” something then removing new overtime.

Been there, done that, closed in 2010.

Yep I know 8)

I think it would be neat if the fresh server were set in a time period prior to the discovery of the shadowlands and the subsequent alien invasion. Therefore I would like the name to reflect this. However, if the fresh server is going to be a progression server rather than a notum wars classic server, my opinion does not apply because I wouldn’t play it.

My suggestion would be “Rubi-Ka 29475” because according to the wiki, 29475 is the year the story on Rubi Ka began from the players point of view, way back around launch. Currently, AO’s timeline is at about 29494 (feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I don’t know exactly when the timeline started, whether in beta or some time after launch). This way, players could experience the original RK content on a separate server as a prequel to game with expansions. Players would then be able to play whichever version of the game they find more enjoyable.

Rimor chained

I actually like the RK 2019 name. its fine, it lets you know the server’s start date so there is no confusion.

I agree with this, the original server needs something to designate it for what it is and since ‘classic’ could be confusing I suggest something simple like “Rubi-Ka (live)” or “Rubi-Ka (retail)”

^^This is an interesting idea but probably really b ad because new players would have no friggen clue what 29475 means and might take it to be a version number, the population, or the 29475th anarchy online server lol.