Huge game breaking bug that wasn’t fixed with a reinstall

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug
Region: [US
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So I was in the middle of a fight and the game crashed, when it loaded back up I was dead, no surprise but what did catch me was the fact that I can no longer swing anything! Including my fists, whenever I hold any weapon I don’t even enter combat stance anymore my character just stands there, I tried dying again in multiple different ways, I tried reloading and hard resetting, I even tried creating a new character and reinstalling the whole game but once I’m back in, my character goes right back to not being able to use anything at all!

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I’ve had the same problem too so I feel your pain

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Was this the same server you tried to reconnect to after rerolling your character? Have you tried any other servers?

@Monkey can you please describe what you were doing that lead up to your character being unable to act?

This just happened to me. I just posted a new thread about it until I saw this. Really hoping this can be fixed I don’t have the energy to start over…

Again, like the OP I’ve tried everything but no luck. Controls work as normal when I log into other servers.

Server name is Guthrie.

I was playing on xbox official pvp server 2576 for about half an hour until it black screened and kicked me out the game when I was just wandering near the beginning area by the river somewhere. So I tried getting back on the game and before I knew it the game wouldn’t want to start for me because it was loading for some odd reason on the cinematic before the title screen. After waiting for five or so minutes I backed out of the game and tried again and this time it worked getting past the title screen but the game crashed again when I tried to get back on to the server. And I just after that.

It was a similar case but not exactly l but hopefully it was at least something to be noticed because I can’t get back on the server because it’s always full.

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Okay, thanks for the details Monkey. Sorry to hear of the bumpy road so far. I will say we’re definitely aware that some players like yourself are having trouble reconnecting to an Official server after DCing or crashing/dashboarding.

@DNide4Evr Was this the same server you tried to reconnect to after rerolling your character? Have you tried any other servers?

Happening again, but this time only off-hand items (torch, shield, finer bindings etc) are affected…