Human Thrall Followers simply do NOT fight as good since update

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I’m sure this has been raised as an issue (Hopefully being looked into)
So I’ll raise it for general discussion…

But Human Thrall followers simply do not fight as good now since this last update.
I have a full follower list (55) all my followers are level 15 or above.
Of the human followers I have a specific bunch of core fighters that have developed as superior fighters. I’m sure all you experienced players have a similar core team of fighters
But since the update these human thrall followers;

  • no longer do double hits.
  • no longer seem to do any combos
  • no longer ‘relax’ and put their own weapon away
  • no longer change weapons as fluidly or efficiently (followers over level 15 usually choose the right weapon for the job)
  • seem to get stuck moving in a forward direction around the edges of certain build objects until you tell them to move around it.
  • just generally don’t seem to fight as good

Previously I thought the Human Thrall following leveling up system was quite intelligent as my fighter got better and better as they developed, since they update is seems a little broken.

Am I alone in this feeling ??


This is exactly what I’ve been experiencing since the update, you are not alone man. They don’t do combos anymore and they always hold a weapon even when guarding, like you said they don’t ‘relax’, sometimes even doing the T pose when following me. I have a lvl 17 Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker and he has been broken since the update. I’ve also noticed that the Gravewalker, the 2H sword wight boss also doesn’t perform combos for some reason. The Watcher, the 2H hammer skeleton boss still does full combos. I’ve only tested both of those while testing the problem with human thrall combos. Didn’t have a problem with any of these things before the update.

They started messing with AI in a big way in patch 2.2. In 2.3 they not only failed to fix issues from 2.2, they made it worse. So incredibly incompetent of them to say “this is fine, push it to consoles”.


The same for me. In combat they are slower and tend to just stand holding there weapon. They used to attack much quicker. Also, I noticed they are moving around for some reason. I have Thrall followers defending certain areas, but I find them now roaming around lol.

And when we warned you…Do not ask for something that you are not ready for :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have left the devs focus on issues like this, instead of asking for New things for consoles. I am aware of what last year meant for consoles, but once you guys waited So long…a couple more months of waiting would have meant a clean release for consoles.

Now, all i can say to you is:

Welcome into Early Access 2.0. You asked for it, now deal with it.

Although i can guarantee you that things do get fix on the PC Isle of Siptah. When consoles will get the fixes? That i so not know.

Herzlich willkommen to the Circus :wink:


To be on topic.

Thralls will Do more attacks then one…but only if you equip them with the type of weapon they originally spawned with.

IE: thrall spawned with 1h weapon, he will only be able to do better attacks with 1h weapons. Same goes with 2h weapons.
Bearers most likely will Not combo at All no matter the weapon.

Hope it will help you until you guys get the fix.


Thrall: slaps once
Enemy: slaps and keep slapping
Thrall: slaps twice
Enemy: slaps over and over again
Thrall: stands still “shouts random threats”
Enemy: slaps one more time
Thrall: “suffocates” and dies

It has been like this since the beginning, but not in single player… so it probably has to do with server response or something…

The thralls often refuse to attack when ordering to, or takes ages to tp to you or follow at all.

No it has not. My high level thralls prior to update would double tap enemies, do multi combo’s as they yell threats. The fighting and development of thralls was intelligent and all my core team of thralls fought like this…now they are sluggish, and do one heavy hit at a time type thing…so sad to change things that were perfectly fine. smh

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Console wanted so badly to get the updates and what a surprise they made the game worse :^)

These type of comments are no helpful, keep 'em to yourself pls.

I saw the same thing you are mentioning before 2.4. Today I took my best thrall out and he was doing great combos and I tested him using a two hander and a short sword. Of course I am on PC, so it may make a difference.

i think devs “lost the hand” and they dont want go back, and this is why servers are empty for months and months

I tested two of my best Aesir warriors and they only do a 2 light or heavy attack combo with a great sword, or a single overhead cleave. With spears it’s the same. Accursed fare better, but are painfully slow to level. Still broken.

Did you notice any health change to your top fighters? Mine took a big hit.

Yes, I agree their HP took a hit. I have screen shots of stats before and after update. I fail to understand the logic in them messing with our Follower Thrall Stats or their fighting which was fine on PS4. And don’t get me started on some of these new stances, who stands like that ! smh

Same issues as before the update the thralls barely did what you asked of them anyway, worse now as they get caught up on everything like stairs. Or walk in the opposite direction of the enemy you just asked them to attack, or attack another enemy all together, or as before just stand there looking stupid. Healing arrows is ■■■■■■■ me off now really making it a grind having to run in and out of battle to heal my thralls.

And this is bad how?

I’m liking the new thrall update. Though a thrall does need to be managed now. It’s not fire and forget. A thrall I placed yesterday, needed to be actively healed with healing wraps and potions. So…now even thralls require players to play smarter.

LOVING the new update…once I’ve made adjustments.

Gear PS5
Patch 2.3

I never had these issues prior to update, especially with high level thralls. They’ve always seemed to fight very well especially if you fight with them, as opposed to standing watching. I thought that was one of the benefits of leveling them up, they got better at fighting and obeying, at least that’s been my experience over the past year.

Since the update my high level Follower Thralls simply don’t fight as effectively or with same fluidity as they did prior to update. Anyway I’m hoping someone is doing something about it. As it’s a real shame when you see a game with intelligent mechanics loose some of its intelligence.

I don’t know man, it really never worked for me :confused:

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