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Does the hunger system work for Thralls now? Do I need to feed them? how to find out how much food they need per day?

Yes, but

No. If you do, they get buffs though.

See above.

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Please tell me. Is there a list of food for animals and Thralls that they love? As well as a description of food buffs

Probably. I don’t have one handy, but try googling it - and maybe on the almost-but-not-quite-official wiki.

Mikey is correct, the food buffs are all listed on the wiki (and don’t seem to have changed with the recent updates) - you’ll need to go to the page for each adult animal you want to check (from the ‘Taming’ tab) (eg - ). Thrall food can be checked on the ‘Thralls’ tab. You’ll need to scroll down, the tables you want are nearer the bottom in each case.

Also - if you are on single-player, when you open a thrall or pet’s inventory screen the middle box will display two rows of food - top left is their lowest healing value food (1hp/sec), bottom right is their highest healing value food (10 hp/sec). If you are on a server, I think these boxes currently show blank. I believe, but would need someone else to confirm, that on servers all of the correct foods just provide a flat rate of 5hp/sec healing for thralls and pets.

The buffs that followers gain from the various different foods apply to their growth chance in a specific stat (or more than one stat) - they don’t directly buff the stat, but they do increase the percentage chance of the follower gaining one or more points in that stat.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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