Thrall Hunger setting

I noticed that Thralls no longer need to be fed but I actually liked it. Is there a way to manually turn on the Thrall hunger system again?

what they don’t? Hmm pets? I am always been running around getting food for them! I was starting to wonder who the slave really was!

No you can not turn it back on.
You can still feed your thralls and pets to give them a combat buff.
Preferred food gives them a 25% combat buff for one hour or until server reset. Visible as a fist icon on their health bar when they are in combat.
Non-preferred food gives a 10% combat bonus which we can’t see at all.
Unfortunately the last I tested the thralls and pets (a couple of patches ago) would take a piece of food from the pot/box about every 10 minutes. And of course, they consume entire stacks of food if you put it into their inventory directly…basically forcing you to have them in range of a pot/box is you want to keep them buffed when you are offline for more than one hour.

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