Hunger/Thirst not decreasing possibly tied to Conan's DLC Sword

Game mode: [Singleplayer offline]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Anywhere]

Hello Exiles,
I may have figured out the hunger/thirst bug cause. It started in my game only after using a code for Conan’s Atlantean Sword and playing a singleplayer co-op. I played the game for about a year before using the code and never had this bug.

The 2 things that I thought triggered the hunger bug are:
A. Playing singleplayer co-op
B. Downloading the Atlantean Sword

I tried an alt PSN account, brand new game, custom settings, exp boosted, crafting times reduced, length of day extended, though nothing altered as far as Combat, Stamina, Hunger or Thirst though.

I did not try co-op so this game was new having never played co-op and the bug was instant. The moment you start you will notice if you check your inventory your Food and Water will briefly say 100% before defaulting to supposed level. After that Hunger and Thirst will not decrease. Sometimes the bug doesn’t start until hunger and thirst have reached 100%

This alt account also has immediate access to the Atlantean Sword and all DLCs (in your crafting menu as soon as the game starts), this being the only thing in common with my main account

Unfortunately I cannot re-install the game without all the dlcs being added in as well. I deleted the game twice now trying to re-install just the base game only to find out I cannot download the base game, nothing I do will allow me to only download the base game.

Is there a way to only download the base game and add the DLCs minus the Atlantean Sword?

Also I would like to ask anyone else who has this bug, do you have Conan’s Atlantean Sword as well?

Sorry for the huge and probably redundant post but I wanted to give as much information as possible. I love this game and want it to succeed and be recognized as not only a great survival game but a fantastic addition to the Universe of Conan. i own multiple copies, all DLCs, on 2 different systems and plan on purchasing a gaming PC simply to have even more control over my Exile.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Use code included with game disc to receive Conan’s Atlantean Sword
2.Start singleplayer game with custom settings, do not change anything with stamina or hunger/thirst
3.Start playing the game, as soon as hunger and thirst reach 100 they stay there or if when you check inventory and your water and food briefly say 100 before defaulting to supposed level you have the bug.
4.I never had this bug until I downloaded the Atlantean Sword code and played a singleplayer co-op with a friend.

Thank you very much.

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I have had the Sword since day one and have managed to die of thirst and starvation plenty of times. Online official online private and offline. Have all DLCS. Perhaps recheck your food and drink settings or just make them harder.

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Creo que eso se a arreglado ya

Thank you for the reply sestus2009. That information is very helpful. I am trying to figure this out and nothing I do will rid me of this bug. The more testing i do the less likely it seems Conan’s Sword is the cause, especially since you’ve never experienced the bug.

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Welcome. I have found that you can change a setting and the next time you login it has changed. You might try playing as admin and see if it helps.

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My game is back to normal now though I do believe my previous save file was bugged somehow. I think it must have been down to user error, maybe a mix of custom settings plus some admin panel “abuse” lol.

Thank you for the tip sestus, I have wondered if my setting always save after changing them.

Well, thankfully it wasn’t the game, it was more than likely me (embarrassment). Starting fresh now and everything is perfect!



Good to hear. Even on my gportal server site settings don’t always stick. :grinning:

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