Hunter's bench and mason's station


good morning would be interproposing a hunter’s bench to create bows and arrows, animal food, enclosures, and traps. And also a mason’s station to melt the bricks and assemble second and third level walls.

Why do we need such a bench? We already have the carpenter’s bench which is pretty much used for bows and arrows. I personally like the idea of mason’s bench especially if it reduces the building mats requirements. I know some people prefer to craft their building pieces while building and not having to run back and forth to the bench but I would rather have the bench than all the recipes in my inventory.


If I were a poor survivor in the EL, I would have a forge, a blacksmiths bench, and a workbench. I would do everything at the workbench, and if someone told me I needed a space specifically to work with armor, and that space was different than the space I worked with weapons, which was different than the space I worked with wood, which was different than the space I worked with furniture, which was different than the space I worked with modifications for my tools and weapons, I would assume they were crazy.

I would think new benches = more clutter, unless they are just variations on existing benches. The variations add options around speed vs. materials, instead of adding a bench for an entirely new purpose.

I think the Manson’s bench is where I kill my disobedient thralls.


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Well now my comment makes no sense


hello because now the carpenter makes arrows while the stove the food with the shady flower while it would have been convenient to have everything related to animals and hunting gathered. dividing bow and hunting arrows with bonuses dexterity from war bonuses with poison bonuses or bleeding if anything. a simple whim

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