Hyena fur and Reptilian armor

Not sure where else to put this, but are they really supposed to be cold resistant? Based on the materials it takes to make them, it just doesnt make any sense to me personally… Not sure if it’s me admittedly, but really… I get the Hyena FUR armor, the fur part would obviously make it warm, but still. Suspect there are others who feel the same way…
Anyone who can explain the reasoning?

Agree. Also NPCs wear the reptilian armor in the volcano.

Aren’t there a ton of NPCs wearing hyena fur armor in the desert, too?

Desert Dogs npc clan/faction, yes :stuck_out_tongue: makes it even more of a mystery tbh

Yeah, a matured crocodile skin is an insulator against cold (and heat). Its leather, unstretched, but closer to a hide used in armor, has enough celular mass to trap body heat easily from a human, or keep cold/heat out, like ox, elephant, or rhino does. Hyena hide would be the same also. Biggest issue is breathability of heavy hide as armor, not insulation from temperature differences.

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Exactly! I think at least :stuck_out_tongue: what i got from your answer is, that technically it should work, even in the desert…
Correct me if I’m wrong ofc :stuck_out_tongue:
Regards to why i even ask all this (if at all necessary to anyone reading), it’s because i personally would love to use the Hyena Fur armor…
It looks so amazing! But with cold resistance, i just prefer not to, even if it doesn’t reach heatstroke everywhere i go (perk included in considerations), directly because it has it…
I’d prefer it to be what it was before launch, with the 2 armors being heat resistance instead, also a bit because there are npcs running about in it in hot places, but primarily because i’d really like to use it and running to the desert to find hyenas to kill just to repair it for use in snow, seems odd and a bit silly…

Reptile armour is my favorite in the game and it makes sense it would be cold resistant.

But I feel the Hyena one shouldn’t be if only because many NPC’s wear it in the desert (Although maybe that’s why they are useless and die easily, too hot to fight any better) and it doesn’t really suit the North.

What would be a great idea is to include a craft-able tool to remove lining so different armours can be made heat resistant or add in padding (Fur etc) that make armours cold resistant.
This would allow us to wear what we want after doing some extra salvaging for materials and crafting.

I would honestly just love to use the Hyena armor without having to worry about going into places that are generally quite warm… It looks so damn amazing :slight_smile:

Given that the only armorers who can make exceptional or flawless Hyena armor are Dogs of the Desert, I agree that it makes no sense that it’s cold-weather armor. Not that I worry much because I basically never wear medium armor, but they should change it.

I feel the same way about the Lemurian armor, which is unlocked in a hot area but gives cold protection – despite the fact that the light armor is basically a belly dance outfit and the medium armor is a few strips of leather over a pair of silk pajamas.

I don’t have a strong opinion one way or another about Reptilian armor, although your argument that they wear it in the volcano seems solid. I just can’t imagine wearing it since there are no armorers who can make exceptional or flawless versions of it; there are too many armor options that out-perform it.

Admittedly, i only included it here, because it used to be before launch, and then yes there is the fact that its used by npcs in the Volcano. Not looking to use it personally, just the Hyena armor :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, with the temperature resistances, there are a bunch of inconsistencies, annoyingly enough

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