Hyper-Armor, 1h weapons, heavy, katana (+video example)

For better weapon use there should be done some changes.
About the ARMORS

Light armor is the best solution due 50-55% damage reduction + big rolls.
Medium armor provide only 65% damage reduction, less rolls, not stun lock protection (like it was in old Conan), less free weight
Heavy armor ~75% damage reduction NO ROLL, NO STUN LOCK Protectiono at all.
50 STR + dragon spear = 102 damage (numbers in Parametrs), heavy attack with all perks bonuses will deal 150 damage (0 armor). After damage reduction
Light: 97 damage (24% AP)
Medium: 80 damage (17 damage points differance, but big differance between rolls)
Heavy: 67 damage ( 30 damage differance, but no rolls at all, so you can not catch your target, who rolled away from you at all!)

Atm spear is most used due the hyper-armor heavy attacks + long reach.
Weapons with Hyper-Armor:
Spear - heavy attack
Daggers - heavy attack
2h Hammers - all attacks
2h Sword - heavy attacks
1h sword - only first heavy attack
2h club\axe - heavy attacks
1h spear (jhaveling) - no hyper-armor at all

Like result spear is most usable weapon, due the long reach and hyper armor. After the last patch more players start to use daggers and 2h clubs, but all other weapons have almost no use at all. Even 1h axe is used in rare situations only and ONLY WITH HEAVY ATTACKS.

There is no reason to use light attack, coz it can be easy broken with hyper-armor attack. Only 2h hummer is usable for light attacks (same damage like 2h spear heavy attack)

1h+shield is ultra hard to use against other weapons due the hyper armor + reach + rolls.
Here is some examples of 1h+shield fight:
https://youtu.be/_poVEiG8UCw (Jhavelin)
https://youtu.be/CDqPYpo5Ba0 (Sword)

Only sword can be used with shield to block+attack against spear, due the spead of light attack, so with good timing you can overhit spear user with 1 hit and block again, all other 1h will be broken by hyper-armor attack. Heavy attack from axe\club will not be broken, but you will be hitted aswell, and it will be just a trade off.
Medium armor is can be used with 1h+shield due some extra damage reduction and possibility to roll. But heavy is totally unusable, no roll, no escape, no catch, all your attacks will be broken with Hyper Armor or target will roll away.


  1. Remove Hyper-armor from all weapons, except 2h hummers

  2. Add Hyper Armor protection based on armor - Heavy armor is full protection against stun locks and hyper armor attacks. Medium armor - protection about stun locks only.

  3. Reduce Light Armor armor reduction to 30-40%.

P.s. About the Katana weapon.
This weapon need some fix. Delays between attacks is ultra long, you are easy target, or you should break your combor.
Light attacks is totally unusable in PvP (due the Hyper Armor)
Only 1 Heavy Attack (with hyper armor) but you are “locked” after the attack. You can not interrupt it with fast roll, like other weapons, you need to remove weapon to unlock your self. This attack is good, but very slow. Take look on light attacks of katana, make them atleast much faster to be more usable in PvP.


Katana is good if you’re good with it, at least for duels. In team fights u need to cheese and coordinate with teammates.

Should be some stunlock protection, but never complete 24/7 hyper armor for an armor type. Spears should have hyper armor remove on every attack except 4th heavy.

2h mace light a bit less damage with lights, very slight.

Katana lights should get hyper armor

2h greatsword hyper armor on first light

1h axe constant hyper armor, no gaps between hits

1h sword hyper armor on all heavies

The range also needs to be adjusted for every single weapon but I don’t wanna get into that rn

Bravo, Katanas indeed need adjustment in between the light attacks and the heavy final seconds, the animations lock you in place making you a sitting duck.

Is there a difference between the Yamatan Katana from the DLC and the Katana not from a DLC ?

Removing hyper armor from spear heavies might just be the solution. This would represent the spear-user being at a disadvantage when the opponent gets inside the spear’s reach. This would somewhat limit the spear’s effectiveness in PVP without hurting PVE significantly.

Similarly, adding some (but not 100 %) stun lock protection to heavy armor might make it worthwhile against some opponents. Increasing damage reduction any further would be difficult or some players might become invulnerable. Light armor’s damage reduction could be reduced somewhat, especially the epic version’s (wearing non-epic light armor should still be somewhat useful at lower levels).

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One thing that is not mentioned. Which is really obvious issue for some one who played Darksouls games in PvP for most of the time. Is that weapons with long reach tends to be incredibly overpowered. Huge part of it is presence of delay and ping in general.
Classic example is you doing a step back judging that attack of your opponent won’t hit you, but on his screen he hits you.

So other side of breaking spear meta is balancing weapons hitboxes, and enforcing connection quality.

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