I am impressed how the changes improved the performance of the servers (Irony off)

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I like game improvements but the changes you’ve made (leveling sytem, thrall limitation) was first surgery with a chainsaw and second it didn’t changed the lag situaton on the servers. The lag got worse and I won’t lose any word again over the silly levelling system (A bearer without strength? Seriously?) . Normally improvements bringing more players but here it seems they let them flee.

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FC has implemented the possibility to limit the amount of thralls but it is not active.
So what exactly is your expectation what should have changed?
Do you think that the servers will run better just because the amount of thralls will be reduced some time in the future?

Hey @Kasha

Please be aware that the followers cap is still not activated on official servers.
For any more specific feedback, please make sure to read this document and make yourself comfortable on how to properly report an issue:

Please also be aware of the current load our servers are experiencing due to the current situation.


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