I appear offline, can't join my friend ... help

Hi guyz

As you may have read, I appear offline on my friend list. In the same time, he appears online on mine.
we want him to host the game, due to shedule issues. But he can’t send me an invitation.
We’re both on PC (he’s on steam, i’m on GP) and I have the Siptah add-on, he has the basic game.
No mods are enabled.

please help us. I can’t find any solution.

BTW the install/uninstall process has already been done.

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on steam?

no, on the friend list in-game

sorry, I missed the part where you say that he is on Steam and you are using GamePass.

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Discord or Steam itself can overcome this problem easily. -=shrug=-

Found this on Reddit, it may help…possibly, or not. Check it out anyway:

nice try. But unfortunately, the issue is specific to conan exile. On other games, we don’t have any issue whatsoever…
and the other accounts (like steam) are linked on my gamepass. I thought of that , but it doesn’t change anything.

I’ll look a bit more. Maybe I can come up with something useful.

Here is a thread talking about that:

From that thread, one person said something about checking to see if all ports are open so maybe trying that would help as well:

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thank you for trying. But the Steam friend list is not the issue.
It is when you try to invite someone on the FUNCOM FRIENDS LIST.
My status remain offline, while I’m connected and I can throw invites. He can’t.
We tried to connect while we’re both on steam, but it doesn’t change sh***. Even if the accounts GP & Steam are related

I’ll leave ya alone then. I hope you get it solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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