Showing as Offline in friends list

Game mode: Single player co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: South America

I used to play single player co-op with my wife just fine and we dont use any mods.

I host the game since my pc is better(I dont really know if this has any influence)

At one day when she tried to connect through my invite, after some minutes of loading, the following message appears: ‘Failed to connect to the game’. Since then, every time we try this happens.
I can load her game, if she is the host and invite me. The problem is that we dont want to loose all our previous work to play on her hosted game.

Just today I noticed that even though we both show as online to each other in steam friendlist, when we check the Conan friendlist, she shows as online to me but no matter what we try, I always show as offline to her.

I’m not sure if the Bugs section is the best place to post it, but I didnt find anything related to connectivity.

Please help us, we love this game and really want to keep playing doring our quarentine


Can please someone help us?

Anyone who works for funcom?
We paid full price in two copies!!

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