I can cry, everything is gone after wake up, and not robbed

I really can cry,
I losed everything while i just logged off on normal way like always .
I not robbed but everything is decayed, even the new stuff
Really all gone, even the things i wear, i not robbed

I am so so so sad
How is this possible, what i can do to get back.
is there a support?

In the log is see all is decayed at same time, even the clother i wear.

Please who can help.
Damn i am so sad, so much work to get al this.

Server PvE 1942

When i look more back in log i see server reset, and next line that i died bc temperature, i was offline sleeping inside home.

Please who have advise, what can i do to report and get all back.


I’ve recently seen a person claim that reporting it to Zendesk can result in recovering your goods but I don’t believe it and Funcom themselves says “no way!”.

The ONLY way it’s possible to recover anything - ever, under any circumstances - is if you’re running Single Player or Dedicated Server AND, are keeping periodic backups YOU can roll back to. Sorry to say…


I died after reset server and was not online.
Must be a glitch ot so.
I have all screenshots what i losed in the log and also clear in log that i died a minute after server reset.

Ohh i so sad

Its public server
1942 PvE

Yeah, so sad… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, it’ll be fun rebuilding. If you need the immersion just convince yourself that some kind of a natural disaster occurred while you were comatose. And of course you were so lacking insight that you didn’t think to invent insurance… :slight_smile:


That`s a great answer.


I’m really sad for you, it’s terrible to lose everything because of a bug. Listen, I advise you to file a claim through Zendesk first.
And if that doesn’t work, don’t quit the game ! Don’t hesitate to come to the official PVE 2017 server, I’ll give you plenty of gear so that you can start off on the right foot. Good luck !


On this we agree completely.

It’s the allure of starting from scratch that keeps the game fresh, for me.


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