Bad funcom bad!

You guys own me gear. while im water building you log people out for an unannounced maintenance and i lose all my gear to a death you caused. do this garbage on a monday? its funny how you praise everything yet there is so much wrg with this game its not funny. AI commands are not 100% as they just stand there…We need in game admins to listen to what people are going through.


Use this for ingame issues, not the forums:


The common Zendesk answer, where they dont respond within a week. :woozy_face:
Imagine your internet provider not responding for 1 week. That provider probably wont exist anymore.


It’s in the risk of every online game. Still I wonder, what equipment did you loose that made you so angry?

sounds like tough luck. You don’t have to waist your time writing to zendesk. You are not getting anything back. Only thing you can do is to man up and move on. Be glad you just lost the gear you were wearing.
And remember, if someone reports the server as being not responding, they will restart it and you will get that message

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Well what is your answer then? The typical “funcom bad, you won’t get your stuff back. Game suck, company sucks” idiotic reply that literally does nothing to help anyone? Seriously, what is your answer to the OP? I’m dying to know how you would suggest to resolve their problem aside from submitting a ticket to Zendesk, which is the only ACTUAL option they have in this scenario. What are you wonderful words of wisdom?


Make new gear, I died to hunger when I log off my guy had 25% hunger left and 3 bars fill in survival but guy died lost heavy epic gear and what make worse is I got raided lost all my stuff to easily make gear.

It’s sucks but that what game is lose rebuild or take and repeat.

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It would be very gentle from veterans here to direct help these situations by jamping in their servers and help them recover their loss in no time. Most of the great “ironic” posts here come from pvp players. Pvp players are highly trained to do this in no time, so this is what I can suggest.
There for, @Kor81, if you play on Playstation, send me information about the server you play and I will gladly jump in to help you in anything you need.
Consider that I ain’t going to do it just for you, I would gladly do it because I need reasons to play my favorite game. So I believe that this action would bring joy to both of us.


Hello man, sad it happened to you, sh…t happens. I experienced it too, some times, by funcom fault, or the energy company or internet services. My advice is: If you can craft it, make backup gear. If the gear is not absolutely needed go naked (specially for long periods of subaquatic activities), or with fiber clothes, sleep naked or with a gas mask if you are in desert, and ever on a shelter. Know the time of your server restart. User insert to open console and type ToggleDebugHub to show the ping of the server, if the ping starts to raise above 80 and seens to be unstable, make your back home because it can result on a server hang for a long time, or a restart.

Yeah stuff break… after I lost like 50 chest recently after some update I was about to quit the game.
But it has a lot of good things too, the devs work hard on this game judging by the patch notes and yes other things might break… or break again (some of which worked on test but in the end not on live).

Development is a team effort and there is no single infrastructure working ever so perfectly. One has more issues than the other, I don’t say there is no room for improvement, there is always room for improvement.

Let’s help them to give feedback, complaining is allowed but helping address the issue is more useful.

Yes I understand the frustration… but it is what it is.

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Like in real life, always sleep naked :slight_smile:

Put everything in fews chests before to log off.

Unlike conan, people are creeped out if you change their clothes to pink pajamas while sleeping in the real world…

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It also might have been the server crashing because of a bug or because some other players intentionally crashed the server.

You were playing on an official server, right?

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