I cannot thank you enough Devs!

All my dreams, all of them, all my wishes are in this update, every single day, despite the problems my console has you will surely find a way to make my day, to fix my mood.
For everyone in here that thinks that these people do not get informed from the @Community members YOU ARE WRONG! All my dreams my wishes, my cries sometimes are here, omg you make me so damn happy every single day, so damn happy. I promise to play this game for as long I can play in my life.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart really!


CE is life. May your sword swing true, your axe cleave skulls to the teeth and your jiggle physics never fail.


I agree that the larger direction and the big changes are exactly where I wanted to see them. The rest, IMHO, are in the weeds and will get hammered out eventually as we get more and more feedback/update loops going on. I also consider the monetization in the weeds as well since price points are the only thing that appear to be at issue here and so these just need to be addressed in the feedback loop as well.

The new attribute system is awesome and I love playing again vs just letting the thrall handle it why I rummage the dead bodies for loot.

The build system takes some time getting used to and the only complaint I have is that I wish the switching build modes (place vs demo) wasn’t the same button as the action on the controller (IE you long press the same button to switch modes but if you mistime it, you could be in a world of hurt…especially if you build high.) It’s just an ergonomic thing.


And it gets better and better

You need to take a cold drink and chill a bit :slight_smile:

There are more wrong things in 3.0 then ever before and the “patching/communicating” is on the lowest ever. The intent might be good, but the implementation very bad…
You still have “patching” of none essential bugs, you still have bug reports being deleted, you still have a fully bugged game.

“Biggest free content update” - Please fix your AI and The Purge, between many others. Now that would be a big free update for me…not a whale fishery…

Edit: Over and out. See you at 4.0 all.


Oh I will, count on it :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
@Coty my man, long time no see, really happy to see you around again, I really miss you man, your message truly made me happy, honestly!
All that you said is true too, very true actually, but as I was explaining to @Mikey in another topic half hour ago, no matter if I seem sweet unsalted here, I own to share my enthusiasm too, not only my frustration, it’s not fair, is it?
Anyways, you know me, I need to say no more.
Thank you for replying my friend, again really happy to see you around :grin:.


Oh this game has always been a study in ‘gotta take the bitter with the sweet’ !

Two steps forward, one step back (and sometimes the reverse :sweat_smile:) is another one that comes to mind :laughing:


and then…they destroyed everything with battlepass…amazing

Optimism is a hellofa drug :smile:


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My fellow exile! First of all, yes, I don’t play pvp. But there is nothing that you can tell me about it and I won’t understand it. I have forgotten when I started this game, but I can surely tell you that until 2.4 that I stopped pvp, I had at least 3k hours in this mode. The reason I played pvp is because in this mode pve is way more challenging and pvp players more sharing, believe it or not :man_shrugging:. My best pve days was on pvp servers (I must have sayed this 100 times in here sorry).
This post does not have to do with the release of the game and the problems. This post has to do with the forum and the forum only! I am about to close 3 years in this forum.
Everything I wished and more is in this update. By all means, I don’t mean they did them because I asked for them only, but I am really happy that I see flesh and bones to my dreams in here and I share this enthusiasm! A lot of people in here believe that their dreams, their wishes or even their cries have no reply from devs. THIS IS WRONG. Again…
The community members do their job so well and devs try to respond in every single wish.
To this my fellow exile @Koschgine I focus, just this, nothing else! I am 46 years old and I cannot name how many titles these hands have played so far. It’s the first time in my life my dear friend I participated in a gaming forum and I feel happy about it. So if there is a way to say thank you, I will.
Can you understand?

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Ohh cmon… they didn’t
Don’t forget the free stuff you got because of the battle pass now made possible.

Players pay (optionally) for everyone’s free update, it was a great idea.

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Opposed to many posts and comments crying that the Conan team do not read anything here and other social media, is untrue. I agree.

However, just because a few of your wants were granted does not mean they zeroed in on your posts and comments specifically and thought “y’know, stelagel is right!”.

I appreciate the enthusiasm and positivity, hell they work hard and do sometimes listen to the community.

But they also don’t. There have been ongoing issues for months and even years yet they do not resolve them. Sure, they’re probably discussing and working on them, but we don’t know if they are. Even if they do it might be wildly different than expected.


If I let this to be meant, then I apologize! I am exactly the opposite as a character, I always give without expecting.
I never claimed anything in here, this is not me my dear friend! I believe after all this time this should be clear in here. @Mikey speak about transmog 5 years ago, so what? They did it because he asked for it? Don’t miss the point Kiki and I beg you not to direct it elsewhere! People here are not ignorant, THEY LISTEN. And this is the point I focus, nothing else, nothing.
What you must ask here is another thing if you wish.
How many times I demand things in here?
How many times I was rude?
How many times I used the word dead, trush, etc…?
To this direction you may lead and you will find me on the way, to no other :wink:.
Always a pleasure Kiki, thank you for posting!

Most definitely not, they did it because it now fits their vision of what the game should be - and that’s how it should be, it IS their game!


Still aren’t you happy seeing it in the game :blush:?

Oh don’t worry I didn’t miss the point.

I’m just clarifying here that others reading your post may conclude that demands are met. Mikey is correct, despite suggestions, cries or demands they implement things based on their vision.

It’s totally cool to be happy, just realize that while they are paying attention it won’t necessarily result in those wishes becoming a reality.


Thank you @Kikigirl :blush:.

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So wait…the horse didn’t destroy it, the avatars didn’t destroy it, the duping didn’t destroy it, the lifeblood spear didn’t destroy it, the daggers didn’t destroy it, the feroxic didn’t destroy it, the Siptah p2w didn’t destroy it…but this sorcery…Oh that’s destroying it for sure. :roll_eyes:

free stuff? if you mean update every update is free ony the DLC we had to paid, and the dlc is only cosmedic…and the dlc price was fair for what we get that is why i had all DLC’s, now with the battlepass we pay WAYYY MORE and we still have to grind the battle pass levels we guess what? pay even more…the free stuffs in the battlepass is a complete joke, and battlepass made nothing possible, all the updates and stuffs we get so far was without battlepass, they intruduced this shit now so the 3.0 update was possible because of the base game price and dlc’s…and if you think they will invest the money back to the game with more update or faster wake up lol, the money will go to the shareholders they are milking the game that is it…not only that, but they didnt even converted the price for each region, here 1 dollar is 5x our coin, the dlc’s had the prices adjust. AND GUESS WHAT, ofc they intruduced the premmium coin with fixed values, so we have to buy stuff the cost 1400 coins but they only sell 1390 so we have to buy a even more expensive package…this system is trash mobiles system