I can't craft leggings anymore

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Hello, i’m just started playing conan exiles. My problem is that when infirst started i was able to craft tunic, leggings, handwraps, footwraps. But the next time i logged in the option to craft leggings was gone from my crafting table. And it hasn’t come back since. We recently got raided and i cant make myself a pair of pants, i have to ask my clan members to do it for me. If someone knows how to fix this bug, please help me.
Thank you in advance.

Hey @Burk

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Did you check your feats tab in case you reset your feat points? Also make sure the crafting table has the correct artisan in it as sometimes some recipes are tied to a certain type of armorer.

You craft leggings in your inventory crafting not a table good luck

I meant inventory, the icon for leggings is just gone.

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