I can't get a SIPTAH slave on the single player

I’m playing the new DLC solo, I even joined an official server but I decided to play solo, it happens that on the official server the Maelstrom event happens normally, it starts and ends and with that you can invoke a seal and also the blue vortex in the sky where they fall.

It happens that on my soil it does not happen, the maelstrom storm has started and it has lasted from 5 hours to 10 hours, but the event does not progress, it is only in the initial infinite storm.

With that I can’t capture any slaves, I only have animals at the base, and precisely what I like most about Conan is the human theme, unlike other games, including I expected many more cities, and NPCs and being able to capture NPCs, in addition to mine gigantic disappointment of not having slaves on the map to capture, I cannot “summon” slaves.

What should I do? how should i configure my maelstrom on the panel so that it doesn’t stay forever in the storm and evolve to a stage where I can capture the slaves?

Check your server settings in solo. Reset to default just to be safe, if your maelstrom is lasting 5+ hours you may have cranked a slider the wrong way. You can also use the console with ~ and type dc storm stop to end it

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Just to add, I spoke as if I had hated the DLC, I don’t hate it, I was very satisfied with the visual progress of the game, it was everything I expected.

The map is beautiful, and I really feel like playing a “current” game, where I was “disappointed” was the change from human “theme” to “animals and creatures”, I really expected a lot of cities alive and full of human NPCs and an improvement in the physical generation of slaves in a richer and more diverse way, I expected a lot for that.

I hope that when I “adjust” my solo game to drop the human NPCs I feel less “sad” in this beautiful and incredible new world created by funcom.

I went to the admin panel of the solo server, reset everything as “default”, quit the game and started again, stayed 3 more hours in the game and remains the same, more than 10 hours the “maelstrom storm” and it does not come out of this, nor the storm ends, nor does any “event” happen, only the eternal storm remains.

Am I just having this problem in single play?

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