I cant See my Rhino Pets...8022 PVE-C

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It works for PS5, if you play on PS4, please try the steps below and let me know if works.

(note, you’ll have to do it again every time the invisible enemies will not display while you play the game)


  • Enter the game and over settings, choose quality mode over VIDEO, enter your favorite server or single player mode.
  • “Spot” the invisible animal or enemy you would know it’s there (the eye balls for example, in my case it’s this King Rhino on E7).
  • Quit the game, go to settings, change the game to performance mode over VIDEO, and vertical FOV to 52.
  • Enter your favorite server and check if the animal or enemy is visible (rendered) if yes just quit the game and change back to quality mode, get back to your server and it should be there.
  • If not, then keep trying, switch back to quality video mode, enter the server, quit, switch back to performance and FOV 52, keep doing this until it works. (It can take several attempts sometimes)

obs: in case you play solo, it will work faster.

I recorded a video of me doing that process, took me around 7 minutes.

Conan Exiles - invisible enemies workaround PS5


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