I can't take my Zamorian bearer anywhere she embarasses me

This is unexpected and funny. I was close to the treasure hunter city so I decided to check one of the thralls. I did not even have time to check my zamorian thrall decided she did not like them and decided to murder them on site lol. I said to myself wtf lol. Is there a lore where Zamorian dislike the treasure hunters?

I still like her even more now. On the way back to my base I pass through the big camp where the abysall remnant is and I decided to kill them all so I start to attack but did not notice my health going down fast because of bleeding but was too late when I notice it. Now in panic mode I did not want to lose her so run back fast naked but at least one weapon to help. I get there she had clean up the camp by herself lol. The force is strong in this one. She’s only level 11 but already at over 7k hit points and she is a bearer so my pack mule and assassin at the same time.

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Did you change her AI to “protect me”? Seriously, I feel for the sepermerurians, although thinking of sepermeru they also have very aggressive bearers. Maybe it´s the weight, the back hurts all the time…

Or maybe the belt that ties the backpack to their heads crushed their skull at some point making their brain damaged and not being able to distinguish fellows from foes.


Before you got back to the camp she was mumbling something about “get gud” lol


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