I don't want to be a catering service. Can't we just have thrall & pet decay and cap?

Ok so… get this.

Some of us (like me) think “It’s fine… even if they do implement feeding system, i’ll be ok with my 300 fish traps, even if it is a total chore… i’ll be fine.”

Well … now you need to use insects as bait for fishes. Now even the fishes need feeding.


I like it . It’s solves a few issues including capping army size. We have enough problems with giant foundation “castles” littering every corner of the map. Usually with 100-300 thralls laying around. You should have to maintain all of this on a regular basis or kiss it goodbye. There needs to be some sort of balance here . I also wish they would have a minimum build distance from certain areas so we don’t have giant fortresses being built basically on top of for example new asgarth.

I think the reason for that thinking about it might be to balance black ice and harden brick building pieces as i think i remember some people saying the black ice structures were to easy to make compared to hardened brick ones.

How on earth does this balance T3 building components? And you say you think you remember, which suggests you might not have very much time put into this game. This whole idea of a feeding system is garbage.

I would have answered Hrukk with:

“Nerfing ichor production only makes black ice even easier”

But I think he answered out of context. Probably wrong post or something.

What i mean by is the process to create a block of each. As you can use unappetizing shell fish
To make ichor by cooking it or even getting off spiders though @Shadoza has a point it just made these two materials all the more rare as well as more valued. :man_facepalming:

Ya know, while doing my rounds on live server it has crossed my mind that I can disband my current deployed garrison…and deploy 4 thralls from the box (I have 234 thralls in storage) whenever there’s a purge, then disband those 4 after the purge is done.

Furthermore, I can build a lonesome wheel as far north as possible to act as a purge magnet/decoy.

This will save me the feeding.

This undermines the spirit of the game, but it’s also the sort of behavior this implementation will reward.


I didn’t ask for a thrall feeding requirement or system. I don’t want it. In fact, I hate it and every alternative version of it suggested. I don’t want to babysit thralls. I want to build, explore, raid, and fight. The thrall feeding system is just tedium to waste my time. I also fear that, in the end, Conan will lose a lot of players because if it.

I want to see Funcom shelve the thrall feeding system completely, at least until all thrall mechanics and functions are fixed. Maybe then we can talk about adding something as dumb as having to slop the help like farm animals.


Judging by the balance pass they have on testlive now? They don’t intend you to have 50 thralls and 50 pets per player. Closer to 2 of each. Which I’d be okay with – if they’d get rid of offline purge altogether and stop sending legendary world bosses as part of purges.

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Fixing a problem by introducing another seems to be the plan.

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That’d definitely make “disposable thralls” a thing. Cheaper to use them once then throw away, than it is to upkeep one.

“Social Dumping” to a whole new level.


I don’t have a small base, it’s not enormous either, but I wanted a “fortress” with sections that included specific objectives. Crafting, Storage, Alchemy, Farming and Leisure areas are all in their respective sections. On top of that, I tried to fit all religions (Which was a huge pain in the butt) and I’m slowly decorating the place.

Why am I saying this? Part of the decoration I had in mind, is having thralls there. I’m hunting the useless named bearer thralls to make my base more “lively”. I still have around 8-10 archers and something along those lines for fighters. I spent weeks farming Black Galleon, and another week and a half in Sepermeru. I have a ton of named thralls. Now with this system, I’m going to have to waste a lot of time gathering food which doesn’t last that long (Besides boar meat if they eat it). During the week I can barely play with work and all, this makes it a huge problem for me. If I lose all that hard work on some bug I don’t know what I will do.

If funcom wanted each player to have a few thralls in their bases, they should have put a limit. Empty barren bases with only thrall for defenses makes no sense in my eyes, and currently thralls are in a terrible state. if I even get purged (Haven’t got purged since launch…) I need protection which means more thralls.

I don’t understand how they couldn’t think of another way to fix floating thralls on pve and pve-conflict.


But you see it as another problem don’t speak for everyone.

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I’m in the exact same boat as you.
I was actually counting on CE not to have us feed thralls, because I liked the carefree feelz. Thought it was the very thing CE had over most other survival games.


They really seem determined to take all the fun out of the game and turn it into a chore simulator. I just can’t… who thinks this is a good idea? The same person who thought offline purges was a good idea, presumably. Well, they have a vision. I applaud them for that. I just wish it wasn’t so hostile to anything fun or lighthearted.


This is exactly the question. It’s understandable for pets, but a terrible idea for thralls. Some people have lives and don’t want to stop in twice a day to “feed” their guards and townsfolk.


If you want lighthearted get a moshi monster subscription…:thinking:

It’s conan exiles, not restaurant exiles.

Lighthearted in this context is a focus on combat and construction, not catering.


Well thanks for you interpretation and analysis … uh huh lol :joy: I’ll just go back to my lighthearted build and dominate game …

I think my idea of a scavenger Thrall getting the food for us sounds better and better now.