I feel ashamed of what my favorite games has became thanks to Funcom

p2w stuff in the bazaar
Hyper lag
Duping still a thing
Oneshoot combo


What in the bazaar has replaced the current META?

I think the snakes in the battlepass can be “meta” for base defense. They have a weird hit box and they can hit players from all angles unlike thralls. Make a thrall pit full of snakes and it will be one big shitshow.

Nope - i can do a level 10 purge with 20 zerkers and win consistently and dont even need a snake.

There is no P2W in the bazaar

Pay to win doesn’t really exist on pve. I’m saying this from a pvp perspective.

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Well Pvpers complain alot- so nerf bat will come.

This in turn affects Pvers - always.


yeah guys thanks for ruining my pets again =(

They better not nerf giant snake. i’m tired of thralls. This is very usable. It’s also the coolest pet in the game. I still don’t think there is a use case that would make them better then thralls. I don’t play on a pvp server. I have a hard time believing they would be better then even a decently geared thrall, though.

I’m surprised no one has made a video comparing these snakes to thralls and other pets head to head. i think they will beat the orher pets but they are awful. I’m curious how they would hold up against thralls. at least then we could actually have a discussion on their power.

They do need a base game variant. that is unacceptable. this pet should be available without paying. the bp should just have a different skin

Would be better if they buffed other pets to a useful level rather than nerfing the snake. I somehow doubt that a skilled PvP player would have more trouble with the snake (with current stats) than a fully equipped thrall.


This P2W label has been thrown around so much that it’s we somehow forgot that it has to be something that will help you win. Now it just means that it’s an option not available in the base game regardless if it’s on equal footing of similar items. Because it’s not precisely the same, it’s now labeled P2W.

I’m starting to see it more as an alternative complaint to the this year old monetization change. It has nothing to do about unfair advantages but a dislike to the idea that people that fund the game get access to stuff that the base game doesn’t have.


Check the spears, they have 31 more damage than what you can craft from the based game. Even higher dmg than Feroxic and Voidforge (Eldarium).

And that one is definitely on the chopping block as Andy pointed out. It was an error and will get corrected.

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I still prefer thralls, by many reasons (although now they are pretty much worthless for base defense), but those snakes are looking good. Poison stacking is very deadly now. You need to hide the snakes or they will be easily killed from range, but a pit covered with t1 ceilings that breaks when the party starts getting wild… seems a feasible idea for a nice trap.

You can walk to the side against Thralls, the Giant Snake (and I assume the pet does the same) has a fully homing attack.

You have to dodge with perfect timing (lag is an issue) or you have to carry a shield to block said attack (and most PvP players don’t use a shield, maybe this can make them pick it up again :slight_smile:)

Yes please buff pets to decent level again; and there should also be a free version of the Giant Snake pet, so there wouldn’t be any P2W complaints. Make another fancy paid skin for it if you want, but give a default free option :+1:

I use them too- combined arms ,all of them

No really :dizzy_face:

And when they do?

Just what pet is the giant snake on equal footing with?
" Pay-to-win, abbreviated as P2W, describes an aspect of a game where players can get an advantage with real-world currency to purchase in-game items."

Nothing about actually winning.

As often as this happens I hesitate to call it an error any more.

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