It is officially Pay 2 Win

The free Snake alpha vs the Battlepass paid alpha.
having encountered already these utterly vicious snakes and
Alongside the Aesir and Blood crystal spears this game is fully and firmly within pay2win territory.

We can kiss goodbye to the cosmetic only pledge cause that ship has truly sailed.

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That ship already sailed, this case isn’t special in the least.

It isn’t even pay to win, it is pay to not totally suck. Giant Snake Alpha isn’t winning anything, unless, of course, it is fighting a Cobra.


I think it will suprise you, it strikes from over 15 feet, has a weird hitbox goes up to 9k health does over 300 damage a strike with poison

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so the greater is not a free part of the battle pass? I know every so many levels is free reward. Havent checked my self. At work.

For what it’s worth, the spears were not intended to have the stats they currently have and will be normalized with their equivalents in the next hotfix, slated for next week. We weren’t able to squeeze that in for today’s patch, and I’m sorry for that. I’ll forward the snake info onward, thanks for the report.



We have very limited amount of pets that are actually worth the time. @Tephra nailed it. It’s not P2W but P2M (mediocre) It turns a decorative pet into a full fledged follower combat companion. This P2W BS cry has got to stop. If it’s not replacing a META its not a P2W. I don’t think anyone is dropping their Awe-inspiring zerker with an alpha cobra. It’s just not happening. Please for all things holy, do not revert the giant snakes to that of the cobra stats. There is no point in doing that and if you give cobras the giant snake stats, that is over kill due to the size of the cobra models. Just leave it alone that the BP has an option that others do not have with competent pets. If anything, have this trigger the work that was tabled during the last age and get back to the redefining the pets so that the base game options are comparable to the giant snake.


I am not really sure what p2w should be about those snakes. p2w means that if you pay, you will get better stuff than anyone in the core game who refuses to pay for something additional.

Pets in general are squishy and the best game fighters you can get are free. Those BP pets are more like aesthetic stuff. They also don’t present any significant advantage, since pets are tamed extremely quickly now.


I’m lumping the giant snake alpha with greater rocknose and scorpion VD as pets that can be useful. The only thing that the snake can do is strike longer and with more poison stacking but this is about as equal as the G rocknose’s 360 attack that knocks down mobs or the scorpion’s multifunctional aspect (mix of effect attacks, harder attacks and decent armor/hp but not the best in any of them)

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Pets are underpowered
Lets keep a p2w pet overpowered

Aesir and Blood spears have replaced the meta, that snake is better then most thralls it comes out with 800 + armour more health, an attack that seems to never miss.

this snake can absolutely dominate many world bosses with ease.

the smart thing would be implement the regular to scale snake already in the game (non cobra you can find on places like slithering isles) as the regular version, but overall the balance is way out of whack.


Change it to free? As opposed to having it nerfed to appease the criers? Or just nerf it in pvp? PVE players already lost horses and Greater Sabretooths as viable companions to nerfs that pvp wanted.


That’s leveled is it not? 800 armor but can never get better. You can’t equip it with buffs or heavy armor or any of that. You can’t put a momentum on it. And are you seriously saying that you would take the time to base defense giant snake alphas over zerkers? Knowing you get only 30% chance of hitting that greater variety and never able to increase the armor or weapons with gear. You are telling me this is a viable and objectively better option than farming the 100% spawn pointed zerker spot? Hell you could spend the excess time saved in your farming/raising with the zerker that you could farm the festering one as well so that your beserker has the same poison effect with significantly more damage potential AND applied better armor with extra buffs.

Sorry I don’t see how it’s a P2W. Is it better than a cobra? Yep you bet but that doesn’t make it p2w. It makes cobras more useful in a spartan way vs atmosphere you apply to your set temple.


The real problem is not turning or not Conan into a P2W game. The problem is the disloyalty to the players. It’s happened sometimes: Funcom releases an item in the store/bp with very good attributes. A bunch of players buy it, MANY motivated by the item’s attributes. Shortly after, Funcom nerfs the item.


Yep and because of the pushback against this P2W label which is why I chimed in the way I did. I didn’t want this to go down that road where a nerf hammer is used due to someone crying foul. There were some issues with things (like the curio/arcane bookshelf case) that was a typo but it was almost immediately called a mistake and warnings were sent that these were going to be fixed. I didn’t agree with them fixing it but understood what they happened. IMHO, the entire storage system needs revised in a major way (because it is also affecting performance) but that is way off topic.

Snakes are better than cobras but that doesn’t make them p2w. I can guarantee that my “p2w” giant snake is going to die a horrible death to your berserker of equal level with proper gear. Won’t even be a contest and i would bet that I spent significantly more time getting that alpha snake than you did going to mounds and smacking the idiot wading in the kiddy pool area.

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And what about this? Damage (light/heavy) 72/89 from CRAFTED sear? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

LOL! 800 Armor?

This is a Brute btw-

2300 armor- less health sure but a Momentum mace or a twohander AOE weapon?

Screenshot 2023-04-25 124059


A lot of people trying to start their own fresh servers are getting set back by the spears.

People with the spears didn’t have to farm much of anything. Just went around killing people who were setting up and taking all their hard work.

Then they just kept running dungeons “not camping them” and killing anyone else who attempted to run the dungeons or killing them in the dungeon, shortening the run for the BP spear user.

People aren’t playing the same game in PVP | PVE-C and it is likely killing server population for people who wanted to start their own server.

At the end of the day, the spears in question were not intended to be as strong as they are, but we acknowledge the impact things like this have on player experience and, ultimately, trust. It’s far from ideal, and again, will be addressed next week.



Craft as many spears as you can and apply kits on it.
As you can remember, we got to keep our weapon crafted before age of war, with good stats.

I highly doubt it, they will bother doing it any better this time…

I’m honestly surprised at the situation. Why didn’t they just add the normal large snakes as pets? Then the yellow one from the battle pass would have just been a skin. This trouble could have been avoided so easily. Whoever approved this doesn’t have the gift of foresight, unfortunately.


It’s not even just weapons man… my tools have like 2x-3x more durability than stuff you can craft now :confused:

I’m also curious how this happened, no other legendary I own has this red bar (which is suppose to be the repair limit bar right?)