I find some bug on map ,and meet someone use hang out

I’ve been playing this game for two years, and your company is slow at dealing with problems,When there is a player to report,i hope you can ger in his server to see。
I know what I know,maybe four bug base on map,and all server,use Carpet ,the vault can fly ,You know all along, but you haven’t dealt with this problem.and use shields to lift the shield to achieve infinite perseverance.
about hang out,too many use “CE”,your BE just a joke, for example on 1401,the clan “全服公敌”,They can make their bodies disappear,and they use 50 all attribute,when you near him ,your ping 2000.
I have raised these questions on steam, but you have not paid attention to them. i hope you can handle these problems before next version,don’t let our old players disappoint。

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