I have a problem with the direction of SWL


It isn’t that content is slow to be released. I understand the limitations of a small team and limited resources.
However, for the last several patches we have received weird looking, fantasy-esque clothing sets. This is not why I started playing TSW all those years ago.

A real world setting, with believable, realistic gear. That seems like a faint memory now.


To be fair, there’s been weird looking, fantasy-esque clothing since TSW was launched, it’s not a new development. Most Master Planner outfits were certainly out of the ordinary.

There are people who like to dress in a realistic manner, and there are clothes that allow them to achieve that. It’d be nice if there was a wider selection, but it’s doable.

Arguably, if people received the kind of abilities we have in game, they may well choose to dress in a more eccentric fashion - seeing stuff can change your perspective on stuff like obeying social fasion norms.


Yes. More, realistic plausible clothing please.


Bring on the panda onesie…


I’ve got no issue with strange clothing, and certainly not from a Halloween themed cache. Never gonna say no to more normal clothing though =)


As said previously you had some pretty wacky outfits right from then beginning of TSW. I can respect your not a fan of the current outfit neither am I really but being a cache item it does need to have a special feel to it. And wacky outfits are more noticed, I mean I wouldn’t have bought the Mankini otherwise…




“Bare chest, hairy”. 1,000 :aurum:

No comment.


It’s not that there’s an outcry at the new fantasy clothes; it’s that it seems that’s all the new clothes that ever get developed anymore, or at least in far greater abundance.


True. The last big batch of normal street clothes to get added were Maddog and Mabli Mire’s in TSW.


I’m not disputing that there have been more fantasy clothing sets developed lately, but in terms of abundance, honestly there are already a lot of realistic clothes. I hope they add more, because I think it’s really great that we have realistic options and would welcome greater choice.

From the OP: “A real world setting, with believable, realistic gear. That seems like a faint memory now.” That’s not asking for more realistic options, it’s commenting that there is too much fantasy. The tone of the post isn’t saying that we’ve had a lot of fantasy options, how about some realism love. It’s saying that the game’s cosmetic direction is headed out of realism and more into fantasticism.

My apologies if I’ve misinterpreted the OP, but that’s the message it conveyed to me.


I think, sadly, the OP’s post is in line with what the people in charge have been saying for years… flashy stuff sells. Ordinary stuff, not so much. :frowning:


Would be nice to have screenshots of clothes in question. As far as I remember: last Halloween cache clothes were some kind gothic fantasy-ish but not too much stuff; hmm don’t remember if Jack dropped clothes; winter cache is quite realistic, may feel sci-fi a bit; Hel drop sweaters and caps are most realistic thing you can imagine; some medieval clothes are rather bonus, also they are realistic, just another century; tribal cache is, well, I dunno, realistic, just not your street fashion; agarthian and other one were in game style too, I think. And new one is what, Inbeda’s bath suit? Only some of this stuff I can call flashy, only few - fantasy. I can’t say I like any of them but they aren’t out of game style as far as I can see. I wonder how many of you complained about chest-eyes outfit back then, or assasinatrix, and such. Such realistic much wow.


I’m a bit fashion-impaired in real life, and in games I pretty much stick a character-background-appropriate outfit from the starter options and leave it like that. Forever. So we’re obviously not in “Que(e)r Eye for the MMO Guy” territory here…

That said, I do recall scrolling through many lists in TSW before transferring my characters over. Vet items, FC credit items, the token items from the little gnome-people in the Darkside market… if there was a ‘plausible’ pants or shirt or jacket style there that wasn’t represented, I guess I missed it because I had already gone into fashion overload and shut down.

So a couple thoughts: are we actually lacking a model/design, or are all the many, many models they’ve made over the years simply not available/accessible currently in SWL?

Second is, in case they have designers who are as fashionista as me… if there is something that is missing, suggest it. Provide a link. Jog those creative juices a little and let ring the cry “We need bloomers!”.


It’s funny, all the IRL dollars I’ve ever spent on TSW/SWL cosmetics were for realistic ones - bow waist long shorts, and large hair bow. The fantasy ones are just too gimmicky for me, realistic clothes go with any outfit. I guess it’s just a problem of numbers, only 1% of players want any given realistic option but 5% want the fantasy stuff.


I think Funcom may have gotten confused about the dictionary meaning of bare-chested.
That’s ok, I can help! From Toplessness#Barechestedness wikipedia

Barechestedness is the state of a man wearing no clothes above the waist, exposing the upper torso.

I’ll buy the version without the bra ebin.


Yeah when I look at the entirety of TSWL’s problems the biggest is definitely that some of the outfits look funny


I don’t even bother to pay attention to any of the clothing items in the Store or the Caches.
Because of the way other players dress their characters.
There’s just entirely too much tackiness going on in Agartha.
And the sparkly stuff swirling around characters isn’t helping.
I don’t just avoid the Store and the caches, but, I try to avoid Agartha as well.