I have a questions about the game!

I’m not trying to attack, I’m just trying to wrap my head around this.

So here is an image showing the result of being falsely mass-reported and the recent bans resulting from the crom coin bug.

My question or questions are, why does the Crom coin bug show user accounts being held hostage?
Having been mass reported I still had access to single player, so I could still enjoy the pve content while waiting for responses. I don’t believe it is fair to hold a user hostage like this while they wait for judgment for something they have no control over.

Why are users denied access to the game and in-game purchases?
I enjoyed the bazaar for a time and the battle pass, but from time to time the game fails to load in telling me we are not entitled to the content we paid for.

Why are users not allowed to disable online features and play offline?
I enjoyed the bazaar for a time, but I don’t want to look at it or the battle pass sometimes. I just want to disable these features and play offline some days as I feel I have had enough.

I didn’t mind the bazaar or the battle pass feature. But after chapter 3 dropped and I first saw that ban screen, I no longer feel ok with buying anything from it.

I would love to know the reasoning behind it, but I feel like my questions will simply be deleted or forgotten.

I guess we shall see what happens.


Show us a picture of the base that got reported.

I cannot answer your questions, but here is my advice. Since those are two different issues, make a ticket for the Crom Coins bug, to at least get access to your solo player server again, or to private servers. As they are unbanning your account, they will also be fixing your Crom Coins balance.
As for the suspension from the official servers, you might want to write a separate ticket to know how long you will have to wait before being able to access to an official server again.

I’m not talking about a base, I’m talking about the account being held hostage at the time.

I think I’ll try and ask about the dlc next. Loading the game with poor internet connection was an interesting experience.

why are you bringing a suspension that ended up in june 2023? is this about the crom coins or the claim abuse? i am confuised.

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