I have servants that don't serve me

I have a small base on the best spot (non mesh) I consider since the launch of the game, I looked at each inch of the map to find it, and this is the best place to be hidden behind the high tree top foliage, no one had found to this day, and I thought even when ppl would found, the only way to bring it down was destroying the hatch door and the foundation holding it, but before that, the raider would have to climb up pretty with a very high chance to be attacked by the nearby posicioned archers and spiders behind leafs on the tree brenches, that was not the case.

Somehow, this guy found a way to get in, I don’t know how, but I can say that I know my base very closely for having existed since the beggining playing for so long, yet, nevertheless the thief robbed the house of another thief, well played, good to him if he accomplished that in fair play, smart, because he didn’t destroyed anything, he just got in there, stole everything outside locked containers, and left, no harm done to any thralls or any of the spiders.

Up the house, there is a bunch of T4 warriors and 2 undead warriors, in the other parts of the house there are more thralls and pets, so even if i wasnt online, they were capable enough to face the Purge after I had there and knew how it was.

Some feedback from the time I’ve been playing for Funcom, in your plans for A.I work (I like to think im not the only one that believe a.i will still be updated sometime, right? ^^), let us set our thralls to be responsive outside raid hours, because when we want to protect places like this, with unresponsive defenders, there is no defense.


As I said Thralls/Pets Overhaul and settlement system is the most wanted and needed system for further development. And because it is a must have it would be more than right to give some information/roadmap about this to the community.


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