I keep losing my progress!

Playing on offline singleplayer. Twice in the last week my lvl 60 character had his journey reset back to square one. One of those times I lost the ability to edit my bases. So I decided to make a new character and restart thinking maybe that save was corrupt. Now I’m losing progress again just not all of it at once and my settings aren’t saving. This has become one of my favorite games but now it’s just starting to become disappointing and unplayable.

Are you hitting “Recreate Character”? That deletes your old character and starts a new one.

No I probably should’ve explained better. For one I’m not new to the game I just haven’t played in years and just redownload it about two weeks ago and I never had any problems when I played years ago all these problems are recent. The first time it happened I went to log out and it froze so I had to force close the game and when I logged back in hours of progress had been reset, all my feats were reset, my journey was reset and I couldn’t continue building on any of my bases it was annoying but it didn’t bug me too much because I fix most of it by using admin cheats. Well I was almost back to where I was in the journey and then died of a giant serpents poison and instead of respawning at the bedroll I had laid down just a few minutes earlier it respawned me where I logged in at with all the same problems except I could continue building on my newest base. So I tried to just keep going trying to progress my journey… again. Until I found out I couldn’t complete the create a home step. At that point I just figured my save was broken so I decided to restart from scratch and started a new game. Everything seemed fine until I started realizing my settings changed everytime I logged out so I logged out to try and change them from the main menu and logged back in to find that all my progress in the last few hours had been erased.

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