I must be losing time

How else can you explain that, in May, it will have been 10 years since I logged into the TSW Beta for the first time. 10 YEARS! :astonished: And it has been 5 years since the SWL Beta! :dizzy_face: This game meant a lot to me, but I’m disappointed they never wrapped up the story. Oh well… back to Elden Ring to burn away the nostalgia.


Same here, almost. I signed up for the TSW beta but I don’t think I took part in any of the weekends. I did spend a lot of time playing the Facebook game ‘The Secret War’ though. I still have the unique goodies I got for taking part too.

I really hope Funcom will do something to mark the 10th anniversary this year. Given their refusal to even acknowledge its existence since the relaunch though, I’m not expecting anything. :frowning:

At least we have the board game to look forward to.


I have a reminder set for it. 3 weeks.


Doub’t nothing will happen. They haven’t even bothered to update SWL-web pages this year.

“Goats only eat grass based to rope’s lenght” as it goes here w/ coders…

Is it ttrpg rule book or board game?

TTRPG. I just tend to refer to all tabletop games as “board games”. I’m really not sure why…


I don’t own a table so I rely on the ones that come with there own board.


I don’t want to own a shipping for a board game so I rely on the ttrpg ones that come with their own pdf.

is it a board game or it is another pc game? i did some reading it sounds like another game to me

“Pen and paper” RPG

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