I paind for two months and a year of conan unchained still freetoplay

so far i paid two months and one year for conan unchained and contacted them about 3 times about still being free to play and nothing still free to play:( its frustrating :frowning:


tried him on twitter had t
o open an account there to do so now all i can do is wait

Any updates or response from him on Twitter? I’ve had the same issue since Friday.

Do what I did; take it up with BBB. Take a screen shot of your payment history, your account status and an in game screen shot of character select that shows your locked characters.

Submitted last night, BBB processed and sent it to Funcom this morning.

Good luck.

What is BBB?

Yesterday (on the day) was 14 years since I created my Age of Conan account. I am interested in playing a bit again, but having read some posts recently that says that paying for a sub results in no upgrade makes me worried.

Better Business Bureau. I wouldn’t give any money to this game right now; my account still has not received the Premium membership I paid for and its happened to quite a few people. There’s been no communication from @AndyB or anybody else from Funcom.


The Better Business Bureau is a subscription based service (if you want your company listed you have to pay them to do so), they ‘rate’ companies based on survey’s for their reliability, customer service responses etc… from A (best) to D? F? for worst.

The thing is they’re a self made system with no power beyond passing on a complaint to the company. They track how many complaints get sent to them and then how many are fixed. So the standard ‘I’m going to tell the BBB on you!’ is a fairly worthless threat.

From the wiki: “founded in 1912, is a private, nonprofit organization whose self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust, …”

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Ah, I see! Thanks for the information. Then I will remain a free to play user if I give this game another go.

Could it be that this issue of non-communication from the people in charge is the result of “the head” being too far removed from “the tail” - and we are trying to get at a solution by interacting with the tail while the head remains unaware or unaffected?

If Twitter and these forums are ineffective ways of reaching out to them where else can we turn? Can we use the channels that they have for their other (and more cared for) games - like posting a ticket in Conan Exiles and ask what is up with Age of Conan, or something similar?

Yeah, they’re not an enforcement agency. But Funcom seems to respond to complaints filed with them. It’s a long shot, I realize.

Useless or not, it’s all I really have for options besides disputing the charge.

Probably not. More than likely you’d just be told wrong forum and have the post transferred back here.

I guess if you could figure out contact information for Funcom’s head or the department in Tencent (owners) that covers Funcom you could complain to them.

Every time I subbed in last two years, the process was a week or so late and only ever updated after I sent a ticket with account details asking (whoever might be on the receiving end) to check out whats delaying the subscription.
The sub always ran out “on time”, meaning from the moment I purchased, not the actual activation itself. Not that I mind because lately I only subbed so I can have the gold limit removed and be able to buy the gear above 10 gold value.
This is THE MMO to play for people who love challenges. Both in game and…related to it.

same here i paid for premium 1 month 3 days ago and still nothing
their customer support it doesnt exists
i sent a message to AndyB but no responce
also no responce from customer support i emailed them same day after i paid
my payment is not pending
also i have the recept from the bank
sorry but its a scum

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by the way this is the third time happening exactly the same thing
i pay my money and i have to send emails here and there to become premium
its a scum
they waste our time

So hard to give people money these days

Nope nothing just put in another ticket too

BBB seemed to have worked for me. I finally have the premium membership I paid for plus two complimentary months for the trouble.

Still abysmally slow response.