I propose to reset the servers.WIPE

Hello, I propose with the advent of a new era, with the next update, to reset all servers, make a vape, this will help get rid of all illegal things and resources due to past mistakes in the game.Now people have a lot of things and resources with siptah on the map of the land of the exiles.Such as eldarium, gill gloves, harpy daggers and so on.In addition, it will clear the servers of air bases and bases that remained in the texture.The game, however, will feel better.Please consider my offer.

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Official servers don’t wipe. Never have since early access, never will again. Plenty of private servers wipe often if that’s what you want.

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Should I do the WIPE! chant again?

Yes, I can be wrong, because I write through a translator

It’s a pity, there is a lot of garbage on the servers now

It’s a matter of perspective. I’m used to starting cover. Set knows how many times I’ve done it. Already told admin on the private server I’m on it’s ok to wipe me, may be weeks before I get back to there.

My builds are simple and efficient; with a bit of style. And I about have it down to sleep building :grin: So takes me no time to get back up and adventuring.

I am one of those the ride is usually more fun then the destination people. Don’t get me wrong, I know if you are a builder or collector it is more display of a quest fulfilled then the quest. And quite a few items are maddening to try to get.

But, straight up, if there was a public server with a life span; before wipe, I’d be on it.

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