I see many server down, wtf?

Hey, what’s the problem? I already report to https://goo.gl/Z2DxTj but…

1212, 1312, 1313, 1092, 1035 etc

Same for 1312 today… We need hotfix

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This is happening at least 3 times a day now to most of the official servers. Please fix

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Have a horrible feeling its attacks on servers from people that lost stuff when glitching was stopped…

Sad i know, people that needed to cheat, now have nothing better to do with their time than to DDOS servers.
Still, don’t get angry about it, they would love that… Just feel sorry for them :slight_smile: this is all they have in life :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully they will move on in-time, when they find a new game to cheat in

Please fix this!

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