I sneaked through most of the game and now I'm too weak to breakin eden gates

Hi everyone merry xmas.
I think that I had too much sneaking in this game I’m in the level where there is a priestess Plutonia and she’s trying to break in into eden’s gate. I’m too weak I think I’m not even level 35. The preistess can kill me really easy with one blast I tried multiple times to beat this is but I’m too weak. I have magnus with mind controller ability, that helps a lot. But mostly I think I need more powerful weapons let’s say a weapon that can do 20x damage. My weapons can do little as 12x damage. I got standard weapon except for long range rifle that got at the start. Most of them at level two with the exception of the laser at level 3. Where can I get more powerful weapons? is there a guide or something that pinponts where they are?? Also having something against mind control would be really useful.

ok I finished it. Took me some time I had to go through again some levels to level up and to get some few weapons. Most important was having the hog with electrical immunity and mind control immunity that way it can stand really close to the priestess and knock her without receiving too much damage. The electrical shock immunity was with some vest, and the mind control immunity was with some helmet I got in the Iron Serpent. cheers.

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