I suck at making tree houses, please help

Any good, and current guides, for constructing tree forts?

I’ve tried what I have seen in some older You Tube guides for this, but found that placement rules an interface seemed to have changed since they were made.

As I plan to domesticate spiders, and set up a ‘Heart of Darkness’ like village in the trees of the jungle, I really am hoping that it isn’t as difficult as I’ve been making it, and that there is a lot of helpful advice here for doing this sort of construction.

building high in trees is indeed difficult. i learnt it the hard way, but it is still something doable.

The hardest part is that the surface you can work with depends on the size of the tree branches (the very big ones of course) and the size of the tree trunk. Of course you could get a lot more surface by using a lot of pillars making the jonction between your house / base’s foundations and the ground itself, but it would ruin your design and i’m sure you don’t want that.

So, that said you should keep in mind you cannot plan on building a large house if there is no HUGE hanging branch or if you’re not using a lot of pilars.

Everything around the tree trunk is buildable as long as it does not exceed sthing around 2-3 foundations width, so it’s still very limited imo but you could come up with a special idea all around this trunk.

in short don’t be too greedy with the size of your structure, you’d better try to build several little houses than a single big one.

best is still to try things out by yourself imo, but if you can come up with more precise questions on your topic, me and others may be be able to help.

hope it was understandable.
good luck !


That looks beautiful.

:smiley: thanks mate.
believe me, i didn’t show that to praise myself or sthing, because for me the result is descent (not bad at all) but definitely not what i was expecting when i decided to try to build in a tree.
It’s more that when we talk about such abstratct things, like how to build in a tree, i think it’s always nice to try to illustrate.
Here you cannot see the size of the hanging branch where this shack is placed/built , i would say it’s sthing about almost 1 meter large and about 10 meters long. so you see it has a reasonable size and the final result, the shack itself is pretty small, so i let you imagine the size of the branch you need if you want to build a big base…
and “timelord 75” if you like watching other players work, i’d encourage you to look regulary at this thread (i’m gonna link it in the next comment), where you can find a lot of different and beautifull stuff from a good part of the community.

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This video might help you

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